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The Challenge of Changing your Diet

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Kathy G.
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Hi Ladies!

I was hoping for some input on how you made changes to your diet after your diagnosis. I was diagnosed stage 1a/grade 1 and had my hysterectomy almost 7 weeks ago. During my time off for medical leave I have been reading 'The Anti-Cancer' book as well as others about how your diet can impact your tendancy to develop cancer, etc.

I do not know if I am expecting too much of myself or not pushing hard enough, but I am having trouble with sugar as I expected I would. I used to have a horrible diet resulting in morbid obsesity by being overweight by over 100 pounds. Since surgery I have lost about 15 pounds, switched to Stevia and eliminated granualated sugar totally from my diet. I feel this is progress considering I used to drink several glasses of iced tea daily w/loads of sugar as well as snack on licorice and other candy.

But I am having trouble eliminating sugar in other forms: for instance in my quest to add fruit I will eat apples, but have to dip in caramel sauce, their is quite a bit of fructose syrup in canned fruit, and if I am trying to avoid even these 'treats' I will 'reward' myself w/a mug of hot chocolate!

Have any of you gone thru this process? On one hand I keep telling myself cancer should be enough of a wake up call to make immediate, major changes, but then I justify my behavior by telling myself I ate poorly for 56 years and I am not going to change overnight!

Any feedback would be appreciated!




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I think you are doing very well & remember Rome was not built in a day.  I think your sweet tooth will adjust as you continue to cut back on sugar. I know mine has. 

 just continue to make wiser choices. It's about Progress not perfection.

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Lets say it's a work in progress each and every day.  More then anything it's being patient with ones self and know we're all human and nothing happens over nite.  My work in progress started 4 years ago and must tell  you it does get easier.  I have habits which I NEVER thought I'd have such as -- thinking my way out of going toward the past habits.  I remind myself CARBS =SUGAR = CANCER.  Before I pick up that box of cookies, remind myself of cancer...sorta like a flash back.

Over time I went thru my whole kitchen and rid of any junk food (OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND!!) and slowly replaced with the good, nutritious foods. Today if I have a craving for my favorite sweet -- Werthers Butter candy, I have none in the house, therefore, forced to grab a few pieces of fresh pineapple or keep busy in another part of the home and change my "stinkin' thinking".

After a long while I did get used to not eating sugar, in fact, when I make my fresh brewed green tea in the evening (over ice), I add some organic fresh lemon squeezed and a package of Stevia.  Really does the trick to fix my sweet tooth.  Some times the mind overrules and I do splurge, but not as often as prior times.

Bottomline, each day do a little more to changing the old habits and keep re-inforcing the new.  One day you'll have lots of good ways of eating and it'll be second nature.  The hardest part is realizing you must make a change to be healthy...and you just did that by noting wanting to change.

Keep at it and you'll do great...Wink






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For me , sugar is VERY addicting.  I've found if I get it out of my system (takes about a week), I don't have the cravings.  I do fall off the wagon every now and then, dust myself off and stop before the addiction takes over again. Like other kinds of addicts, gotta take it one day at a time.  In the past I've only lasted a year or 2 but hopefully have the motivation to hang in this time.

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Oopsie, duplicate~

Sisters three
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Eight months before my diagnosis I went on Weight Watchers on line, due to me bringing in and cooking better foods not only did I lose weight but so did my husband. We really enjoyed the fresh is best approach and had a good time together shopping for fresh foods and then experimenting with recipes. After we both had surgery we have somewhat fallen off the wagon. It's as if we have forgotten what we had accomplished. I have gained 5 back and he has gained about 8. This is not good for either one of us so even though money is tight I think I will go back to Weight Watchers on line to regain the tools and disapline we both need to get back on target. The website is pretty cool, of course there is the accountability by logging everything you eat and keeping within your points target. I know it's not for everyone but I found it helpful and fun.


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Kathy G.
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Thank you ladies for the feedback! I have been using one of the online programs to record what I am eating and it is frustrating to see the amount of carbs still in my diet despite my best efforts to cut them out! I have been better about the sugar, but as Jan says carbs=sugar=cancer. I feel I owe it to myself to make the necessary changes given I was so lucky to only have the 1a diagnosis.

I would love to do the Weight Watchers online, but as you say Lisa money is tight and due to financial concerns I am going to have to file that away for my to-do list later on. Bills & finances are not freakin me out like they did before, but I would love being financially independent so I could pay for yoga classes, good food & the gym. Oh, and my cancer bills...lol...

Sugar is definitely addicting & at this point I am not even going to try the low carb/low sugar cookies and cakes I have found recipes for. My reward (since I stopped the apples w/caramel!) is the no sugar chocolate pudding cups! My fear is if I allowed myself the pleasure of eating any goodies I will go into an all out 'relapse!' and I don't want to go there!

I am so intrigued by the information in the Anti-Cancer book as it just plays to my interest in the mind/body/soul connection. I am excited about putting what I can into practice and seeing where I am physically, emotionally and spiritually in the next year.

I return to work next Thursday after a wonderful 8 week 'vacation' and am hopeful I can maintain some of the positive thoughts and habits I have developed since the surgery!



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You're on a roll...keep doing it, as it truly will become second nature.  I give you high marks for being proactive to keep your body healthy and immune system strong.

One thing I do agree on, don't go to the side of "sugar" free foods.  What I learned, read the ingredient listing and you'll find somewhere on there some form of sugar which ends in "lose" or something close.  Still is sugar but in a different form as causes our blood sugars to elevate (don't want to go this route).,  As well, these type foods are very high in sodium, plus loaded with lots of artificial ingredients.

This one didn't happen over nite with me, as just don't eat any of these foods.  In my mind, if it's not basic foods such as fresh asparagus or quinoia, forget it, not on my plate.

Vacation?  Really..lol!  What a vacation you had  hum?  More like a "life changer" and working on a new norma at the momentl.

Best to you and congrats for all you're doing...pat yourself on the backl~



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Dr. Fuhrmans books are great, lots of yummy dips and dressings. So have a chocolate one I love made with white beans that I eat with apples. Happy Herbivore books are great too, easy and tasty, satisfying. Best of luck!


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