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stage IV uterine cancer

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My mother was diagnosed with Stave IV uterine cancer in Oct of 2012. She is 63 years old.  The tumor have been spread to my mother's Liver; Gallbladder and bladder; enlarged lymph nodes.

She did 6 times of chem. and did not help at all. Her uterus enlarged size as 4 months pregnant. Currently She has bleeding and pain and very dizzy. The oncologist told my father that they could not do the surgery since have been spread to multi-place of body. And chemo was not working either. Right now another oncologist recommended doing Radiotherapy. However since her uterus was big, it 's very dangerous the therapy may cause rectal perforation. Also may not help much, however my reduce of her pain and bleeding.  Looked at my mother is struggled all these pains and i can't do anything to help. my father and I feel hopeless until found these sites and found a lots of positive stories. IT'S TRULY GIVE US A BIG HOPE!!!!!

My mother was very positive till last week since she had extremely pain and bleeding. She already told me that she really want to live a little bit longer and wish to my son go to high school and also try to help me more. But she said she understood her condition. She already started to think negative thing and crying at the first time since diagnosed. It broken my heart.


i would like to find some feedback on radiotherapyto treat this cancer. Your feedback would be truly APPRECIATED




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So sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like the radiation might help with pain, i know they have mentioned doing that in dirt future for my mom. I pray you will all kind peace and comfort.


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