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"Sparks" - In memory of Roger (Crow71)

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While reading Annalexandria's recent "luck" post I was reminded of our dear friend Roger when she spoke of bright sparks.  For those of you who did not have the opportunity to know Roger, he was truly a bright spark on this board.  He wrote a poem for all of us here and I'd like to share it again with you all.

Sending everyone here, sparks of hope and strength.  Smile


Roger's post of Feb 18, 2010.....

"Hey Folks, I wanted everyone to know that I posted a poem on my "about me" page.  I'm not a poet, or any other kind of writer; just a scribbler.  I've never shared anything I've every written, but snommintj's post yesterday compelled me to put it out there.  During The Great Religious War of Jan '10, I remained on the sideline. -thinking, I do not want to get a religious debate going again.  If that happens I will have failed here; as my intention is only to explain my fascination with my new favorite word - Sparks.  I embrace the faith of others, but we all have to act on our own faith, and you can't fake faith.  I'm one of those people who sends 'good vibes,' juju, thoughts etc.  Those words, once so powerful and meaningful to me, no longer suffice.  These words do not match the intensity of the feelings that I have for you all.  So here's my new plan, it's not original, but it's what I'm going to do.  I'll be sending you sparks.  I'll be out at the fire pit in the back yard, beating a fire, saying your names, and sending you sparks of Hiope and Strength.  It is my greatest wish that these sparks find their way to youl.




I Beat the Fire for You

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Thu, 02/18/2010 - 6:24am — Crow71

Tonight I beat the fire for you.
Sparks dash and dart and fly on their way to you.
Sparks of Hope, Love, Strength, Health

Conspire with me tonight.
Let’s plan our break out.
Inspire me with your painted rocks, painted harpsichord,
Your arms folded in defiance
Your chainsaw and Champion – carrot, beat, parsley

Hardly enough time to beat the fire
6 months? 2 years?

From day one to the last… it is a lifetime, but
The counting of time has changed.
No seconds to minutes to days,
Just moment to moment

Moments of dread, of laughter, of pain, of Hope.
Moments filled with success.
Moments filled with sparks, and
Tonight I beat the fire for you.


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That is truly poignant. 

I am trying to see the keyboard through my tears. 

I did not know Roger, but I feel his spirit through this lovely poem. 

Thank you for posting this Livinlife. 

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I miss his presence here and that of so many other friends we've lost over the past few years.

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Thank you for posting this luvinlife2.

This post of Roger's about the sparks is one that I have never forgotten and have always held dear to my heart. You see, I first came to this site in the midst of a flaming religious war and the atmosphere was incredibly nasty. I decided not to join up right then, but I continued reading certain posts w/out being a member as I really needed some answers about this cancer that I had, and if in the process I could make friends and support and be supported, then that would be great too!! When the war was over, I joined up.

Roger was a 39 yr.old with 3 small kids and a lovely wife....and stage IV cancer, and yet he was one great listener and a great source of support. Then Kerry came along and he called himself an old man and talked about the scarey woman ( his wife ). He was hilarious and practically dared all of us to have a positive attitude... and he passed away too. The list is long, very long, of great friends and supporters who are on the other side now. Even though they were very sick much of the time, they all had sparks for the rest of us.

So again, thank you and may I present to each of you what was presented to me...

Sparks galore to you all. Sparks of faith, of hope, of healing physically and emotionally. Sparks of love, of comfort, of joy. And last but not least, sparks of peace within ourselves and  towards one another.


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I need a LIKE button!


thanks for posting this poem.


A great gift this morning to start my day. You have no idea how much this poem means to me and soon, to my family.


thank you!


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I was just thinking of him a couple of weeks ago.  He was my "buddy" many of us here on the board had paired up with each other so that if one was having surgery or rough chemo and couldn't post, that person would let everyone else know.

Roger was also buddy to a couple of others.

I was truly grateful for his calling my husband and checking on me and letting you know how I was doing after my surgeries (colon, liver and ureter resection in one day).  He was and is an angel.

Thanks for the memories of a wonderful man.

Winter Marie

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Well, now I'm sitting here in tears! Thank you for posting this wonderful poem with so many important messages -- and for reminding us of a great friend.


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He had a truly poetic voice.  What a loss.  AA

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Wow, that really hit me.  Roger, oh I miss this beautiful man and his wonderful young family.  I think I need to print his poem.  I have read it before and loved it but tonight it has touched me deeply.  "Sparks"

Blessings my friends.



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