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RCC and now possible Breast Cancer

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I am 3.5 years RCC- clear cell survivor.  My mammogram screening was abnormal and I am undergoing further investigation for a possilbe breast cancer.  Anyone have prior RCC with another form of cancer later? 

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Unfortunately it does happen so it is a real possibility.  I hope that doesn't prove to be the case for you.  Keep us posted and good luck.

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I can't respond as an RCC survivor, but I have learned in recent years that up to 40% of mammograms are labeled abnormal. And--make no doubt about it--it's a frightening experience. Part of the increase is improved equipment/better images. But medical institutions also strive to minimize potential litigation. My last three mammograms have resulted in further testing for an abnormality in my mammogram  - ultrasounds, MRI, etc. The last time I had a biopsy scheduled at Hopkins and after reporting to the operating room, the head of the department came in and said he saw no need for a biopsy and sent me home. Thereby is my belief they err on the side of caution. I certainly hope you fall in this category.

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I do not have other cancer, but I am positive for the breast cancer gene.  THere is some thought about a connection betweeen BRCA and Kidney Cancer, but the link has not been proven.  Does breast cancer run in your family?  If so, it might be worth while to get tested.  If you are positive, it would be worthwile to contact NIH; they are interested in breast cancer and BRCA link.

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Unfortunately, I've had cancer twice--both primaries, not mets.  I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2009 and underwent surgery and chemo.  Then in 2012 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney cancer.  Next Friday will be my 6 mo scans which I dread.  Seems I'm always waiting for the next shoe to drop. 

I am being tested for Cowden Syndrome, which includes a propensity for breast and kidney cancer, along with other scary things.  Some of the conditions don't apply to me--like a large head circumference.  Also, there's a high probability for thyroid cancer and while I've never had that variety of cancer, I have had benign cysts on my thyroid --lots of thyroid problems on my mom's side.  The Cleveland Clinic is conducting the study and I had to go through my dr's genetic counselor to be accepted.

As has been mentioned most breast lumps are benign--80% !  So hopefully, you'll get good news.  Please feel free to PM me.


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Like Alice above I had several abnormal mammograms, follow ups were fine..I did had two benign lumps removed back in the 90's. I agree with Alice that they Err on the side of the patient as well as the side of CYA. About a year after my first go round with RCC my husband's cousin was DX with Kidney Cancer. Right after it was found and he was getting treatment set up he wound up in the ER because he could not urinate. They discovered he also had bladder cancer (not mets Kidney but actual bladder cancer)..so they treated that first and then did the kidney nephrectomy...I am not sure of stages etc..because no one said and we didn't ask but he was doing Chemo and some trials etc for the Kidney Cancer...about a year into this he was diagnosed with three separate forms of Thyroid Cancer...Sadly, he didn't survive but his Drs. were astonished at all these cancers because none were mets Kidney all were known cancers for those areas...His mother and my husband's mother were sisters and when my husband's Mom passed away at 90 this past September she also had Kidney Cancer but the Dr said she would die of old age before the cancer killed her...which proved to be true. However, I am concerned form my kids and grandkids as they have a grandmother that had Kidney Cancer and me twice but my paternal grandmother also had it at age 50. In my genealogy studies I connected with a gentleman from Grandma's direct line and he also had it at 36 and at the time thought it was from Agent Orange...which it may have been or could that have been the trigger..?

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Last spring I had 2 separate procedures to remove a basal cell carcinoma and then a melanoma from my forehead. I'm sure glad that Drs. are keeping an eye on me.

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