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Loss of vision from Chemo?

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December 1st my wife was told she has stage IV Esophageal Cancer that has spread to her ovaries, cluster tumors in her intestine, and an 8cm Tumor by her liver. The CT scan we did on the 8th of March shows we have shrunk the tumor some. Her vision has been so bad she went to the eye doctor Friday. We were told that her eyes could change during chemo, but she flat could not see much anymore. The eye Doctor told her she is going blind in her left eye. She is only 55 years old. Can anyone share any experiences with vision loss from Chemo? We have done four rounds of chemo, usually three days at a time for about four hours. Round 5 starts Monday.

Thank you.

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I experienced many changes with my vision throughout and post trmnts, my docs advised me that could happen...I continued to have vision issues for cpl years, they just continually changed, which is rather unusual for non-trmt affected women our age(I am near ur wife's age), ...wish I knew more on that...unfortunately these trmnts affect so many things...a lil hint:  start a journal, for your own mental status...but mostly we used it for listing trmnts, dates, meds, issues, etc..which made it so much easier to discuss with docs, nurses, pharmacist, family...gosh, how r u doing?  

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