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CAM: Complementary and Alternative Medicine ... please continue to post

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I hope that folks will continue to post their ideas and research regarding complementary and alternative medicine and treatments.  Because these products and practices are not part of standard medical care most of us hear very little about them unless our friends here at CSN call them to our attention.  

I don't see the discussion of late intended to discourage out-of-the box thinking ...it really, at least for me, was simply about being overtly critical of other's treatment choices.

Here is a link on the National Cancer Institute website about CAM:


Now, don't beat me up about that site, I know is is probably way too conservative for people really involved in CAM research ... but, it may be a starting place for some.

Since my own husband is out of conventional treatment options ... I am always interested to learn of ways to make him feel better.



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“Since my own husband is out of conventional treatment options ... I am always interested to learn of ways to make him feel better.”


If he hasn’t sought and received opinions from physicians outside of the “circle” his present physicians belong to, he really should ASAP. It’s amazing how different physician’s opinions can be, when you ask others for one!


That said……


There are also other medical sciences to explore. I fought my battle using herbs instead of chemo and radiation.

They are –not- the typical herbs you buy at some grocery store, they are medicinal strength herbs that can work wonders when used properly. (see my “blog” here at CSN for details)


I’m not suggesting that it is the answer for everyone, but it did work for me, and it could very well work for your spouse! It’s inexpensive, and will build the immune system, if nothing else…..


There are other alternative ways to fight cancer as well, and although I have never tried the other ways, others have, and some quite successfully.


There is never a justified reason to “give up”; there are too many options to try!


Be well, and be healthy!




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It was not about content (for most of us) and more about the tone of the communication going on.  As someone who used cimetidine, possibly to my benefit, I definitely hope people keep posting their alternative ideas.  I learned about it at the Colon Club, but it's the same idea...sharing info may save a life.  AA

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like this idea ... when we post a discussion that is about an unconventional treatment ... we could put in the subject line

CAM: And then whatever the post is about

perhaps this way it would be a head's up both for folks who would like to read about CAM and also a head's up for folks who would like to avoid reading about CAM.  Maybe there would then be less conflict.

No, this is a silly idea and would likely never work -- but, I might try it myself :) -- Cynthia

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Yes, this is just the type of encouragement I am seeking ... I do not think we will be able to reverse or eradicate my husband's cancer because it is advanced and recently brain mets were discovered.  But, that does not mean that his quality of life cannot be enhanced and his immune system bolstered. Thank you John for continuing to offer your advice as to what you have discovered works for you in a kind and gentle manner. -- Cynthia

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I just wanted to say I appreciate John 23 too.  I go the chemo route but when I seek alternative viewpoints I seek out John.   He has also been the one to gently slap me in the face and telle to stop feeling sorry for myself. He just what I would need at the time.  

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Cyn- -



“Thank you John for continuing to offer your advice as to what you have discovered works for you in a kind and gentle manner.”


You’re making me blush!


Seriously…..  At times, I’m about as callous sounding as anyone else here can be. The phenomena is called “spontaneous nastiness” and usually goes with the turf.


During our times of crisis, some of us try to avoid the forums, and email, and telephones.. and others (like me) find sitting and having a talk with Mr. Beam helps….. But the sparkle of a screen full of blank pixels somehow takes over our mind, leaving us powerless; our hands like damp paper towels, typing out mean diatribes without thought…..


(or something like that)


After a few years of hanging out in cyberspace, some of us become somewhat immune to the ranting and raving, and just move along at the speed we’re accustomed to. There’s too much at stake to leave. I’ve always felt that if I can help one person stay alive when they’re about to give up, my stay will be worth whatever time and aggravation I may have had to endure.


Oh, and it may appear that I’m the only one that has taken the “herbal route”, but please allow me to assure you that there are many, many, many more, all over the world – they’re just not here on the forum circuit.


When any one of us finds that something has actually worked for us, we want to share that information. And why not? I‘m not “special”, I’m just an average guy, and I’m sure there’s a few million more just like me, so if something’s worked for me, it may just work for others as well.


And while I’m considering this outstanding philosophical outburst…… Those that have used the same herbs over the perhaps the four thousand years or so that the modality has been practiced, likely said the same thing:


“If it’s worked for me, maybe it’ll work for you”.




Best wishes to you both,




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glad you are still sharing your information.

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I think this comes down to do you want to be passive in your treatment or reactive to your treatment.


As an engineer my entire career, I look for the reason something broke, not just the fix. The Fix covers up the problem for the time being, but something made it break!  I went at my health in the same manner. I believe allopathic has it's advntages, but not to be naieve of diet, exercise, and mental well being do not play a huge part in one's heallth.  With that being said, we all need to be aware of the snakes in the grass!  There are many truing to sell us some herb, tea, or pill (Including allopathic) that will cure us.


Univeristy of Finland, study states that approximately 60% of the chronic ptients die from malnutrition vs the disease.  WOW  The Doctors then took Patients that were thought to pass within 30 months. (5% survival under current standeards.) They had them under suprevission for nutrition.  44% after 84 months still alive!  That is much better then 30 months and 5%!  Good Food was the only difference!!!   Hmmmm, If I eat real food and not chemical crud, I can increase my longivity by 6 years!  I am on that program.


That is just an example of how we must all try a few other things.  I also  Juice.  Juicing when I get depleted, just picks me right back up.  I add Vit D, B, and Milk Thistle to my daily regeiment. We eat only real foods, no chemicals, no processed foods, etc,,,,  We have friends invite us out to dinner, I ask what style, and let me make dinnner. I recently made a pie that needed a Graham Cracker crust. I made Graham Crackers from scratch and put together a Kiwi Lime Pie.  My neighbors raved about it. They all enjoyed the real food, and how fresh everything was.   It took me 30 min from start to finish on the Graham Crackers, and 30 min to do the pie. (A simple custard with Lime and Kiwi.) Two of our neighbors are in their 80s and they told me they forgot how tasty Graham Crackers were.  (Whole Wheat and Honey, no white flour nor sugar.)


I appreciate any information about diet and supplements that have a benefit. I also realize tht cancer is unique to indiviuals and what is working for you is not necessarly the saving grace for me.  


I do want to hear your positive experiences!  Iwill and do add everyone to our thoughts and prayers!


Best Always  mike

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LOL...I think it's a great idea Cynthia!!  Will it work on this board?  Something tells me probably not Smile

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Dear Cynthia,

Well the discussions resulting from the ketogenic diet discussion, having sent me packing for a CSN holiday. I may come back, I may not, some would clearly be happy if I never came back, maybe a few would miss me. 

"I don't see the discussion of late intended to discourage out-of-the box thinking ...it really, at least for me, was simply about being overtly critical of other's treatment choices." if this was directed at me, please tell me when I have been critical of others choices ? I have actually supported everyone here who has done chemo, i did so myself, for all the good it did me and the ongoing harm!.

I have tried more alternative therapies than the rest of this board put together and lived, I have found some therapies that work remarkably well, I am living proof. I have shared that. The attitude to never give up and to keep searching is my way! others hate that approach and prefer the do nothing. To each his own, I guess encouraging the searching approach means encouraging CAM.

Maybe some others will chip in with some ground breaking research, but it wont be in the current group of players, but if someone wants to try the non conventional route well they can have the centre stage.

I have been critical of all our medical systems and positive as well. Oh I have encouraged people to walk, to exercise, oh to have a healthy diet. Now I am trying an extreme diet, thats extremely promising.

Did you ever watch the videos I mentioned in the I love thomas post ? Just curious. When you asked me to publicly simmer down, well you see, I cannot. I am passionate about my survival, my research. They are clearly not welcome here, and to be honest the effort in posting these research and my story largely wasted because its not just that interesting. 

I hope the quality of the CAM information continues to actually make a difference, I know the quality and efectiveness of every CAM post here for the last 2 1/2 years.

Its crazy my oncologist in germany said yes do the ketogenic, its good for you, not lung cancers, but for you yes do it. John was arguing against my medical therapy, thats what I objected to and pushing his views onto the few who replied to my thread. I just present what and why I am doing something.

You cannot encourage CAM if you are not non convnentional. The better my results, the more I have learned that conventional oncology is killing millions, again just watch the videos from the CEO of msk.

Be all means shoot and kill the messenger. You have shined the spotlight on me and it worked, I have been shot numerous times. I am out of here and my research to heal from my latest recurrence. I have learnt alot from this experience and I guess to invest yourself in a group and then to get attacked hurts, but I guess thats fair because I have used a label "sheep", which is clearly wrong, as sheep are considered warm, fluffy and affectionate and gentle.

this is turning into a vent, so take it easy. goodluck with the title thing CAM, I hope it works.

I appreciate you trying encourage CAM, its been my mission for the last few years, also thanks the "COOL DOWN POST" as I needed to understand where peoples feelings were at, it took me by surprise. So few kind supportivie comments, so I makes my CSN holiday that much sweeter.

Best of health to you and to everyone especially the CAM posters. 



PS Its more dangerous to post about CAM stuff than it is to do the CAM stuff. Now thats ironic.


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You are not alone pete, I now post my research mostly on colonchat.net and my blog only. I too thought my experience with scorpion venom for example would be interesting to share. After all chlorotoxins are a hot new anti cancer research area. I guess I thought wrong so I don't bother anymore. This forum is all about pats on the back and emotional support. It may make you feel good for a while but it will not save our lives.

I still think we need a community of dedicated,like minded people so we can collaborate, share our ideas and research, but CSN is not a place to do this.

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we will find a way somehow my friend, and positive energy and support essential. to beating stage 4.

the reason i am going on my holiday, was that I thought I was positive here, how wrong I was, its good to learn from our mistakes.

see you at hallwang soon, I cannot wait.



PS the irony is crazy the conventionals think sugar fine, we think it kills

the conventionals think scorpion vemon kills and we thinks its fine.

Have you tried scabies puss or sea cucumbers. they were before your time here.

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Some of us put coffee in one end and some of us put it in the other!!   LOL  Smile

Oh Pete, you will be missed here but I think that you've taken a beating and perhaps a little leave of absence might be very good for your health.  I mean that only in the nicest way.  I had to leave at one time as well....the bickering got to be too much and my health was more important than stressing over insensitive comments about posts.  I do think that underneath it all, everyone means well but sometimes the emotions get carried away.

I'm going to try the other forum as well and hope to read more about your journey on your blog.  All the best to you my friend Smile

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