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anyone that has seen it with thier own eyes

steph in long beach
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soooo mom has stage four small cell lung cancer that has spread to liver and brain.we hav done 4 rounds of chemo.


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I personally was diagonised with Small Cell Lung Cancer stage 4 in December of 2012.  My small cell was a 6.6cm x 4.2cm to start and within a month had grew to an 8.2 x 6.6 cm.  Mine spread to my arm and pelvis.  I have done 4 rounds of chemo and 6 weeks of rad (lung and arm rad)  The radiation has been the worst for me, I had internal radiation burns on stomach and esphogus and now I have external burns on arm and chest.  Not sure your moms age or health status prior to cancer and but they say that all plays into the outcome.  I am hoping she is doing well and recovers.  I can only say this is not a fun thing to go through and I pray she has very little side effects from chemo and the other meds she has to take.  Cancer fighter from Wyoming

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First I would like to be sure we are talking about the same thing. Small cell cancer can be either limited - has not moved out of the lung yet. The other is extensive and has spread to other organs - this is the one I suspect you are referring to. The other type is non small cell. It is staged 1a through 4. There are many types: adenocarcinoma, squamous and large cell being the most common.  

Back to Small Cell. The husband of a former coworker was diagnosed with SC about 8 months before my NSCLC diagnosis almost 2.5 years ago. He is still doing well. No reoccurrence yet, had mets to other lung, liver, and bone. Sorry I don't remember if he had 4 rounds or six.  I do remember he had pci.  He drives, pilots his small boat, fishes and enjoys his life. He was retired before his diagnosis.  

May his experience make your journey less frightening. 

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