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colon health after large polyp was found

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Scared Straight
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So, since my procedure on Tuesday I've been researching how to promote proper colon health to reduce the risk of polyp and tumor development.  A little back ground.  I have been 15 years cancer free since a Stage 3 diagnosis, Resection and Chemo.  Last week I went in for a flex-sig ( 5 years delayed, supposed to be annual).  A large polyp was found, it was benign.  Anyway, some of you already know the story.  Since I changed my name on the forum I though I should mention my situation.

As I stated I've been researching what I can do to reduce my risk of polyp and tumor development.  There is plenty of information out on the Net.  A lot of the info is contradicting.  Take Vitamin B, watch for too much folate, folic acid.  Calcium good, too much bad for the prostate.  Vitamin E but of the Gamma variety.

So, what do I do?  Do some of you long term board members have ideas?  Is there someplace that I need to look?  Do I go to a Nuitritionist?

I know exercise, diet, sleep, limited or no alcohol, no smoking are noted as behaviors that reduce the risk.  I'm already doing that.  I even lost 20 lbs in the last month.  Since I was already dieting I had no problems with the liquid diet before the Flex-Sig, that was new to me.

I just want to start doing everything I can to not be were I was last week.

Your suggestions will be appreciated.



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Perhaps some daily probiotics?? I'm really not sure.  Just a suggestion to consider.  Let us know what you find out.  Good luck!

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The contradictory advice on what to and not to use is very frustrating. 

For me, I take the advice of my gut. I eat pretty healthy on the whole (there is a donut waiting for me in the kitchen, but Saturday is donut day).

I'm going to try a Mederterainian diet. Not a loose weigh diet, just a healthier one than I am on now. 

I think the key to allot of things is diet and exercise. 

I hope that you have been 'scared straight' into not putting off your annual colonoscopies or flexy sigs. 

Good luck with keeping those polyps at bay. 

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Scared Straight
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I've decided to make my Flex-Sig appointment for March every year.  March is my birthday month and should allow me to keep track better.  I will not be missing them from now on.

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I'm so happy (and maybe a bit envious) that you have this second chance. Remembering scope time with your birthday is a great idea. What better birthday present could you give yourself?


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Scared Straight
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I've been told that I have Lynch Syndrome.  Every other family member that has been diagnosed with the genetic disorder has passed.  The disease goes back multiple generations.  My family members in Sweden have all had the genetic testing done.  My brothers, son and nieces have not, we are in the US.  I was warned against having my son genetically tested here, insurability problems.  I just ran into that, I can not renew my Term Life Insurance.  So, is the clock ticking on me? I don't know.  All I can do is be more vigilant than I have in the past.

I don't smoke, I am losing weight, I am exercising.   I've changed my diet to eat less red meat and more fish and vegtables, and a lower calorie intake.  I've been taking a Probiotic.  I need to limit my alcohol consumption. From what I have read 2 drinks max/day for a male.  I don't drink like that, I may have 4-5 beers in one night during the week.  I think changes need to be made.  Alcohol does stress my GI tract.

I went to GNC and purchased Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil, Vitamin E (Alpha, Gamma).  Walked out spending a "C" note.  I took my first batch of pills this morning, it's damn near a meal in itself.  I am looking for a better alternative.  There are custom vitamin manufactures on the Net.  This may be an option, at least I can condense to fewer pills.

One site offers the ability to enter a custom blend for vitamins.  From what I have researched some vitamins and elements have shown to have benefit for colon health.  The problem is that over the counter multivitamins don't have the elevated levels of those vitamins or elements.

For now these are my goals for elevated levels in a multi vitamin.

600 mg calcium

1000mg Vitamin E (Alpha, Gamma)

8 mg Zinc

4 mg Manganese

600 mg Omega 3

4mg Vitamin B6

4mg Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 

5000 IU Vitamin D (previously prescibed by Dr.)

160 mg Saw Palmetto (previously prescribed by Dr.)


I will follow up regarding what I learn from the vitamin blender.  Yes, I will be following up with my Dr. regarding this before I start anything.







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