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Hi Everyone: I am from the Ovarian Cancer board. I recently went to the doctors office for a cold and the PA said she noticed I have some swelling around my thyroid area.  I had noticed about a year ago I had a little bit of a bump there but the doctor told me it was fatty deposit. Now I have just finished chemo and my blood markers for the ovarian cancer shows that I am remission. I am waiting for my scan results which we expect to show remission. I was in the bathroom this morning looking at the lump in my thyroid area and it appears that it is bigger than it was a year ago. I am also 30 pounds heavier too so if it is fat deposits than maybe that explains it. You all know what is going through my head right?  The other thing is I have been getting regular check  ups and the Oncologist pushes around on my neck and collarbone area to see if any lymphnodes are swollen. He said he could not feel anything. So maybe I am freeking out for nothing. What are the symtoms of thyroid cancer? The other thing that is bothering me is I just had my scan on Thursday. On Friday there was a missed call from my Oncologist office on my cell. I have a brand new cell and did not set up my voice mail yet and there was no message on the phone.  I guess I am looking for some reassurance.....

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Congrats on the remission!

I completely understand where your feelings are coming from but you need to know that what you are sensing or seeing in your neck is not necessarily anything to worry about. Nodules can develop in the thyroid and that are not cancerous and this is actually not that uncommon. For example, patients with the autoimmune condition Hashimotos thyroidosis often develop them - you could have Hashis and not know it. There may be other causes as well. I also have a friend who developed a visible lump in her thyroid last year and it got more noticeable. I went with her to the endocrinologist who did a neck ultrasound and could tell from its characteristics on the scan that it was fluid filled and not solid which meant it was not cancerous. Her nodule was monitored and eventually shrank back to nothing. 

You might want to get in to see an endocrinologist to have your neck checked out. They palpate the area and can also order an ultrasound which is the best way to gauge what this could be. It's painless. They can also order some labs to check your thyroid levels and see if you might be experiencing any thyroid disorders. This would all provide peace of mind. 

Hang in there and try to enjoy your weekend - though I've been where you are and I have felt the same. Hate missing those calls.

Best to you and if you can, let us know how it goes.



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