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Rang The Bell

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My Friends,

Well, hubby got to "ring the bell" yesterday to celebrate the end of the 10 lung rads.

He had a baffling problem on Thurs., but fortunately was able to "git er' done". We were at an Internest appt. preceding Thurs. rads when blood started running down his stomach from the G-tube location. Got a nurse who cleaned and rebandaged the area. All seemed well. Completed Thurs. rads. Five minutes after arriving home, blood soaked the bandage and was running again. Called MDA and was sent to their next door hospital ER. Three hrs. in ER, cleaned up, rebandaged, observed, sent home with instructions to apply pressure if it happens again. Back home. As he's getting out of truck, fresh blood, soaked bandage. So, we tried pressure and ice cubes, fresh bandage, and reclining. I was dizzy from no food, so trying to eat and hubby says "We've got a problem here". I looked over, bandage was soppy and blood pouring. I grabbed more bandage and wet paper towels and tried to stem the bleeding so I could get him back to ER. I couldn't get ahead of the blood, so I called 911. He was transported by ambulance to our nearby hospital. They wouldn't take him to the MDA hospital. Too much blood-distance too far. So four hours later, bleeding stopped when he laid down, resumed when he sat up. Called in a surgeon who put in some sutures. Bleeding finally stopped.

Relayed this info. to MDA navigator today, after rads. Surgeon wants to see you NOW. Neither surgeon nor assistant surgeon had ever seen this happen before. He was quite upset that Thurs. MDA nurse had not contacted him, and even more upset that ambulance would not bring him there. He gave me his cell phone for future emgs. Will see him next Fri. to remove the sutures.

Haven't even talked to JBG about this yet. Better call her later today.

Just another crazy day.



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Oh, wow.  I think I would ask for a can of that spray on adhesive that they use for massive bleeds, to keep under my pillow.  Or find a vietnam vet that saw super glue used on major battle damage. 

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I discovered I'm not real handy with a lot of blood. My BIL uses JB Weld on everything!  LOL

Not quite sure why, but hubby has a low clotting factor. Thought that would have improved by now. He's been off Coumadin and Plavix for a couple of years. Off Aspirin for 2 months, but maybe that stuff has a lingering effect.

I just go with the flow, as long as it's not blood. LOL



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Never a dull moment! Interesting problem though. I think it could be the lingering effects of the aspirin. Sorry you're having to spend so much time in hospitals. Let's hope this is the end of the bleeding.


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My goodness Wolfen, that is horrific!

Nobody likes to bleed, and we definintely don't want to bleed and not know how to stop it. 

I can't believe that the hospital just patched him up and sent him home. 

It sounds like you have a good surgeon, and I hope his number is securely in your contacts list (Ah, remember the olden days when we would say phone book).

Honestly! It really doesn't seem like you get a break, yet you always sound so positive here, and always thinking of others. Your husband is a very lucky man, as we are very lucky to have you here. 

I am glad your husband got  to 'Ring the bell'. I don't want to over look that because of all the excitement that followed. 


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Gosh it sounds like they should have kept him after the first soak of blood, just a little tighter wrap???? Well I guess that is hindsight. I hope he stays intact now. Remember to take care of yourself too. Hubby is a full time job for you. You definitely have your hands full. Take care of yourself, hugs.
Sandy :)

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I am so truly sorry for all that you and your family are going through.

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That sounds like quite an ordeal! I hope they got the little bleeder caught up in the stitches so it will heal and stop bleeding! It just seems like there is always so much miscommunication, at least that's been our experience - sounds like you had some of this too. Why didn't the MDA person contact the surgeon?? Geeze. Hope things are better now. That's great that those particular radiation treatments are behind them! Hopefully they're now killing off that tumor. If you ever want to just go outside and do the primal scream I'll come scream with you.

Thanks for your kind words on the OK thread. I appreciate it. I also saw somewhere that JBG said her platelet count has really gone up! Great to hear. Need some good news around here.

Take care of yourself, too. Hang in there.


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that sounds terrifying, but you both seem so calm about it!  You are a tougher woman than I am, and your husband is one tough guy too.  Mine would have passed out at the first sight of a little red.  I'm glad he got done with the rads, and hope that you both get a little calm in this health storm...and JBG too!  Hugs~AA

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oh my!!! you both have gone thru a lot. i really hope everything is ok now.



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That's an interesting question as to why the Internest's nurse didn't contact the surgeon. He and his assistant asked the very same thing. I was under the impression that the surgeon was not there on Thurs. He was, but just not scheduling patients. I've discover that MDA wants you to think that they run like a well oiled machine, when in fact, there's a lot of hidden politics among doctors. Like the chemo doc comment one day referring to the surgeon, "Well, you won't need him, anymore". Oh really, do I use a coat hanger to remove the tumor? LOL  I just try to make sure everyone is following "Do No Harm".

I feel these are all highly intelligent doctors. I get the "still waters run deep" vibe from this surgeon and I expect to see a few heads roll or at least wobble before this incident is cleared up. Not my problem to solve, but I hate to see the nurse get in trouble. I think she did her best in an unfamiliar situation, just missed the "protocol" memorandum.



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