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mediastinal Germ Cell Tumors

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hi everyone..i'm a ewbee here and also a cancer survivor of 20 some years.. now our oldest son has mediastinal Germ Cell Tumors, a rare version of cancer and he has it in the chest cavity as well as in his lymph glands..he is  in a cancer treatment centre ..he had devoloped some fluid around his heart  .they think that it( the cncer) has penetrated the lining around his heart.and they have a drain tube to release the fluid from his heart..the lympth glands on his neck are quite noticeable now..in the next few days they will start keemo and see how good he takes to it and then send him home and continue on the keemo..i would like to know if any one here had it go to the lympth glands...and if they did ..how did it go with them.. my email address is bbeesmom@yahoo.com.. thank you all again for lifting me up a bit.but i'm a realist and am not afraid of anything that may happen..i am open to all news either good or bad.

John Lochiel
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27 years ago I was successfully treated for Mediastinal Choriocarcinoma with Vinblastine, Ifosfomide (with mesna) and Platinol. My primary tumor was next to my heart and was about the size of a lemon. My lungs had multiple tumors greater than 3 cm. I was 31 years old at the time. I did not have it in my lymph nodes. I did have a few side permanent effects-neuropathy and tinnitus, but was more than happy to just survive. I wish your son the best.

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We would be interested to know how your son does as he goes through his treatments.  Our son was just diagnosed 3 months ago with the same type of cancer.  Very rare. 

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My son in law was just diagnosed with mediastinal germ cell cancer.  Is there anything that you can tell me about this?  I've done some seraching online, but haven't found much.

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