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TARA , you fine my dear ?

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Hope so , praying for that!

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Thank you for asking after me, good friend!

I am finishing my first cycle of Temozolomide (=Temodar = TMZ). The regime I'm currently on involves taking pills 5 evenings in a row, once a month. My oncologist also want me to continue taking Avastin every other week (drip). So it is a pretty "easy" regime. So far, no noticeable side effects -- except (pardon me) severe constipation -- from taking an antiemitic every night before the TMZ. But I can resolve that naturally (prune juice, etc) or ask my oncologist if I can skip or cut back on the antiemitic. I haven't had any nauseau -- although the rationale behind taking the pill (and anti-emitic) at night is to 'sleep through' the worst of that. 

Meanwhile, I am enjoying being on leave from work! I am resting a lot but also meeting friends for lunch, getting my nails done haha. And looking forward to my Easter trip to Hawaii! I do have to 'take it easy' but so long as I can do some of the things I like doing, that is good. Went for a 30 minute walk today. Then read the Sunday papers and had a nap! 

Hope you are well, Pepe -- my loving wishes to you and everyone else in our 'family'


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Tara - I am so happy you are doing well and doing fun things!

My brain MRI is in April and scan end of month. Double my fun!

Hoping I will get back to work in April but liver will be addressed then. Rfa? More chemo? Break? Ugh -try not to think ahead.
Am on folfiri and it hasn't been bad like oxaliplatin. Have an appetite and can taste food.What a blessing!

Trying to keep moving forward each day and do something fun, lunch, friends, etc. Have a tearful moment here and there but grateful I made it thru my seizure and surgery and can still do things normally, so far.

Your attitude and perseverence are an inspiration to me.

Back to cooking an Irish dinner.

Wishing you the best and please keep us posted on how you are doing.


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