Hope magazine for colorectal cancefr - general guidelines - inspirationsl approach

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Now that I have been battling my diagnosis for my advanced stage I continually think about all my new friends and the resources available to help each person with their care.
Its great there are all the pamphlets and brochures out there to take at whatever facility you get treated at.
However, wouldn't be great if there was a more inspirational publication that had up to date treatments, applicable studies, and great caregivers and patient stories, etc. Please educate me if I am missing something.
When you are first diagnosed it is such a frightening experience. Reoccurences, as well as new treatments can make your head flood with anxiety and those lack of sleep nights and even weeks!
I also have MS and they have a quarterly publication that pulls together a wealth of information, as well as stories by patients and some advertising. Its somewhat basic but does feature articles on employment, SS, caregiving, etc.
Does the American Cancer Society have a a publication like this? I appreciate all their resources and this is not meant to fault their approach.
It always seems good to have something with information about our disease at many levels or how to approach it in a softer clinical approach as well as inspirational.
Cure magazine is very good as well as the multitude of websites but I think something in the mail or you could load on a kindle would be great.
Maybe I am being too idealistic but I recently threw out all the brochures on nutrition and many, many others that were so overwhelming in the beginning but did provide tips.
I always felt I was in a whirlwind trying to figure out the what next of should I be doing this...
Any thoughts on this.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.