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Have you heard of surgeon Dr. David Rice at MD Anderson Houston?  Dad and I talked last night and we were going to go Pittsburg but dad's radiation ocologist mentioned him.  I definently trust her, just wanted to see if you had heard of him.  Dad said he's too nervous to travel that far from phoenix because of possible complications, I tend to agree.

We see the doctors on Wed. to re-visist the idea of having surgery. I will let you know what they say.  Dad will definently be calling you as soon as we find out if they are going to agree to surgery and which kind.  Thanks for everything, I read this site daily and we all are so lucky that you take time out to help us all.  God Bless  Talk to you soon Laughing

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I have not heard of Dr. Rice personally but it appears he is a thoracic surgeon at MD Anderson with excellent credentials. He is listed as one of the recognized national experts in esophageal cancer. However I do not see any specific information about his experience with minimally invasive esophagectomy surgeries. I would want to ask him about his experience in this area and the outcome of the esophagectomies he has done. Of course MD Anderson is a recognized center of excellence for the treatment of esophageal cancer so the facility could certainly handle the surgery and recovery requirements. Please find below Dr. Rice’s bio:


He certainly has impressive credentials.

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Thanks Paul.  Dad has appointments tommorrow to find out if surgery is possible. I will keep you posted. He'll probably call you sometime late this week.  THANKS FOR THE INFO, make's me feel more confident!!

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