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It's decision time

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Just got the check from my life insurance company so now I actually have to make a decision on going to Germany for treatment. Hate to be away from my family for 3-4 weeks but if the treatment works it will be worth it. I have a lot to think about this weekend. 

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Tough decision for sure Tedd. I'm sure you can skype and talk to your wife and kids every day. 3 or 4 weeks will go quickly. Best wishes..in your decision and treatment!

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I wish you all the best in whatever decision that you make. I have been following you closely because your story is nearly identical to my husbands. From startin out prepping for scope and ending up in ER to having colostomy and unable to remove his tumor and bein diagnosed stage 4 mets to liver and lungs too many to count.  We also have children the youngest being 5. So I can completelyunderstand your emotions with all of it.  I'm sure you will make the best decision for you and your family.  I'll keep sending prayers up!

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whatever your decision.  It's not a very long time, really, and if it works...well, I know you'll make the right decision for you and your family.  Big hugs~AA

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I am sure that your young family will do okay with you away for a few weeks.  You need to do what you feel is right, deep down in your heart...for your long-term survival.   Can you possibly Skype with them every other day?   This way they would still be able to see their Daddy and you woUld be taking care of what you need to do for your health.   I might also have to be away from my young family for several weeks if I decide to go the route of HIPEC.  Children can be very resilient....give them the information and make it a family decision...I am sure they would want you to do what you feel is necessary to get well.


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a tough decision. i hope you will be comfortable with what you decide to do.



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sure that your faamily will support you when you decide



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Ted :
I have followed your posts and I think you have made the decision and just need to finalize it and go forward.
If you dont go you will question yourself and wonder if you did all you could to help yourself and your family.

Skype is a great idea and kids are resilient!
You can focus on healing and it will go quickly.

If you believe this is another option for you complete it and when you return enjoy spring!
It's around the corner with hope of another treatment option and that is good.

I think it's great you have the means and support to do this.

I wish you the best.


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Follow your heart and gut feeling,  they are almost always correct.


Sending our thoughts and prayers for you to find the path for you.


Best Always,  mike


PS  Germany is beautiful cities, farmland and the Mountains!

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I made mine a few weeks ago, and will be in germany from Aril 25th. May see u there. We can all do luke warm coffee in Duderstadt. :)

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Yes .. you will miss your family ... but I too wonder if you did not go seek this treatment if you would always wonder if it might have helped you.  There was something about it that pulled you toward it ... best of luck in your decision.  We are here to support you either way.  




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One month is not that long. This time spent in Germany very likely may extend your life. I hope you decide to go. Anxious to hear your decision.


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Mostly concerned that if it does work but I need additional follow-up that I won't be able to afford it. Not sure the initial 3 week treatment will be enough. Guess I can cross that bridge when I get there. thanks for all the support. 

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Try not to put the cart before the horse. Take it one step at a time.

I hope all goes well...

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The treatment in Germany makes sence to me and it is something that I keep in my back pocket in case I need it one day. I wouldnt worry too much about what to do if it works. That is the reason you are going there with high hopes that it will work. I am sure you will find a way to get more treatments if it works.

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Tedd, I will be combining my german treatments with treatments at a clinic in Prague. They do most of the german stuff at 1/10th the cost. I'll still do the key procedures like removab tace in germany however. I am aiming to stretch out my budget to last 6 months and will stay in europe for as long as the treatments are working. If they don't, plan B is the SiRTEX radioactive beads into the liver back in Australia and possibly the LIFT trial in china there after.

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I am having a little CSN holiday, but thought I'd say see you at hallwang.

They might even have the ketogenic diet happening, but I doubt it, but they will give you a wonderful diet to build you up so removab can knock you down.

safe travels.



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