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I have a big bulge on my side since my kidney removal

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I had my right kidney removed in 2010.  I have a softball sized bulge on my right side.  The doctor said it's because he cut through nerves to remove my kidney.

I feel like I look horrible.  I can only wear clothes that are loose fitting because of it and we won't even talk about bathing suits.

Has anyone else had this happen?  I've looked at pictures online of people showing their scars and have not seen anyone with the big bulge. I realize that I have my life and should be happy, and I am.  I just don't like to see myself in the mirror.

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Well, I got one also, not quite football size but significant.  A few comments.

It is not because of the nerve but because of herniation in the abdomen muscle.  Where the kidney used to be, the intestines fill in the space and can press on the muscle and create the bulge.  It is supposed to be preventable by wearing a "Japanese" surgery belt after surgery.  I wore it and it bulged anyway.  If you are self-conscious, you can still wear the surgery belt and it holds it in, kind of like a girdle.  Wear it when you go out, not all the time in the house or it can weaken the muscle more.

I do not think it can be fixed so just consider it a battle scar, a sign of your winning a battle.  Think of it as a "love handle."   If you keep your shirt on in hot weather, no one will notice it.  Wear a shirt in the pool. 

You are a lot more aware of it than the people around you, who probably do not notice it at all.  It might be less visible if you lose weight or gain weight (there are two schools of thought).  Unless you jog, which makes it bounce, you will probably not feel anything there.  Your spouse will get used to it.  Take it with some humor.   



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Thank you for your response.  Sorry to hear you have it also. Maybe we should start a club.  You're explaination makes a little more sense!  I had thought about the girdle option, looks like I will go that route.

Thank you again.

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I DO think that the hernia can be repaired. It actually should not be a big deal. If your Dr says no, find someone else. The risk for strangulated tissue and necrosis is higher than the concern for vanity.

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