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Noone has to leave just learn to be thick skinned

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It may be none of my business but am going to write this anyway..I am actually from EC forum since '11 but I always come and read everybody's post here specially Pete's ....I though this forum is never boring ...like to read everyone's post specially Pete's, manwithnoname, tanstaafl, renw, john23 and brave people who fought for a longtime like sundanceh, PhillieG, janderson1964 etc etc ...I feel I know all of you in this forum.

Chemo success/alternative success/intregative success ...all interesting 

It's funny thou all of you fighting like kids sometimes

My dad is an EC patient and I reseached for him and like to read all intregative and complimentary/alternative treatment even if it's not related to EC. (we do alternatives but not while on chemo, he's on carbo+xeloda at the moment so only taking beta glucan and multi vitamin with no folic acid)

In the EC forum not much talk about alternative and its quiet most of the time. It's always lively here ..and good debate is always interesting....I admit Pete's was a bit over the top.. but still he can say what he wants, alteast what he has to say is interesting and if you dont agree just debate (not get angry.. you too Pete)or dont read. You all should know better that people with C sometimes have mood swing and temper. I get into a big argument with my Dad too sometimes. 

Anyway wont be coming here much now if Pete doesnt post (not that anyone will miss me specially since I dont post here) ...always like to read what he's upto. And Pete "I like your enthusiasm and going out of your way to find a cure for yourself but getting different opinion and debate is good, stay cool and be thick skinned :)"


Wishing everyone the best


Ps: Checked other forums on this site colorectal forum is the most informative of them all..hope the fighting stops and that Pete comes back. Why do everyone here always says they'll leave if they get into an argument.. noone has to leave just fight it out ..(healty debate)





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just google "Peter Trayhurn".  He posts everything he's doing there, and people can comment there if they want.  Hopefully, he'll be back here in time, but the issue for most of us has nothing to do with content (alt vs conventional), and everything to do with tone and being supportive of others, even if they aren't making the same tx/lifestyle choices.  Ann Alexandria

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Does EC stand for esophogeal cancer. If ther is a long history of it on my fathers side of the family. Ironically I am the only one to get colon cancer.

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I like what you said, thanks, its really kind. The only issue is all the really negative hurtful things that have been said hurt, I am not as thick skinned as I thought, alas I am human and I have to save my energy for the big battle, I still have active cancer cells, my CEA just rose after 4 months of decreases using my immunotherapies.

The issue is you cannot debate scientific stuff, if you don't have a common framework. I just wanted a discussion with people who agreed on the research or who had viewed it.

The videos take 90 minutes to watch, so few watched them. Someone says this is all crap, and the beauty is lost. thats life on this forum on the net. My crime was to call it for what it was. 

I hope the ketogenic diet lives up to its promise, its tough. If it helps me then I will be sad that the message was lost in the personal attacks on me. but thats life.

Could luck with your research, follow my blog if you want to know what I am getting up to. but its all immunotherapy and ketogenic diet.



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I've visited the EC forum a bunch of times but not much during the past 6 months or so. I have to say it made the CC forum seem very sane during the visits.

Maybe it's all in the timing?

Tongue Out

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It's funny thou all of you fighting like kids sometimes

No, not all of us, just a handful. And every new post about these 'fights' just adds fule to the fire and keeps them going. 

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Been researching on cannabis for sometime now check this out 


And interesting natural survivors on chrisbeatcancer.com (for colorectal)

Yes janderson1964, EC stands for esophageal cancer..my dad has ec squamous cell carcinoma. Getting him some herbs formula which he will take inbetween his chemo now for his swelling in pelvic region as chemo didnt seem to help...bone mets there.

And Pete always be positive (i know it hard)..maybe the CEA rise is due to something else if not you can beat it people have been doing that for years and years.

PhillieG yes EC forum is very sane maybe too sane at times lol.

And Trubrit sorry yes I dont mean all but many of you XD




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Most of the links on chrisbeatcancer.com appear to be affiliate links and he has special offers like 10% discount on this supplement or that for his subscribed members. That just does not sit all that well with me. He appears to be running an online business. Also for stage 3, a surgery alone can be curative so hard to tell what impact his lifestyle change has had.

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