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Quick request to the mod

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Joined: Oct 2011

Could you PLEASE remove the whole argument involving myself, Winter Marie, and MWNN in my "Luck" post?  It's fine to leave in Tony's initial response, as he's certainly entitled to his opinion, but the rest has kind of ruined what was meant to be a chance to express something a little more positive in the face of all the not-so-positive stuff going on.  Thanks!  AA

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I appreciate the post you originally put up ....made me a actually put into words some of the positive things in my life....I have been so overwhelmed lately with pet scan, ct scan, ultrasounds, doctors appointments, waiting for results, and then getting not such good news. I don't understand all the negativity lately.....I am new and thought I was joining a positive, supportive group but it seems that you can't get away from the negative. Thank you again for sharing and helping me remember all the bright sparks!  ~ Ann

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Posts: 2573
Joined: Oct 2011

rather than something with "luck" in the title, and then this whole blow-up would never have happened.  And btw, welcome to the forum!  I'm sorry you had to see us at one of our less attractive moments, but most of the time we are all pretty decent folk.  AA

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Love you Ann!

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I guess I didn't read your "luck" post correctly, as I did not find it offensive...


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