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New Stuff for me.

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Well I bought a bike. I first got one from Walmart. It was a 26" Schwinn 7 Speed Cruiser bike. Well it was too big for me and I fell off the bike into the yard, just getting on it. Bruised me up but I still wanted a bike. I took that bike back and started hunting for a local bike shop. I also did a lot of research online and figured out that I needed a bike with a small step through frame. I thought about an adult trike but I wanted something with gears. Well I found a 7 speed bike in a local bike shop that I kind a liked but it did not have fenders. I asked the salesman if I could add fenders and he said yes. So I bought the bike. Well it has been 50 years since I rode a bike. I tried riding in the yard, still afraid of falling off and busting my noggin. I could do it but not really well. So I did more research and found some adult training wheels (they are called bike stabilizers when they are for adults). Yea for me and my noggin. Well it took me a day to get those stabilizers on my bike but they are on there now. I rode around the block 3 times. The fenders are supposed to arrive on Saturday. The bike color is cantaloupe which is really orange. The fenders will be black. So if you see some crazy lady riding down the road on an orange contraption that sorta looks like a kids bike on steriods, clear the road, it is me.



PS. I also bought a new car but I am so picky that they had to build it. I bought a Camry XLS Hybrid. Should be ready sometime next week. I hope.



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Oh that sounds like so much fun and congratulations on the new car!  My Dr said I was allowed to ride my bike but I was not allowed to fall off under any circumstances so maybe I should get some stabilizers :)

Have FUN!

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Glad to see you are enjoying life!  I have to say I was thinking of myself riding a bike now and was cracking up.  I'd probably fall off too.  I actually have my old bike in the cellar.  I bought it when I was 13 (I paid half).  It was my freedom to life as a young teenager.  I hope you have fun riding on your bike and in your car.  




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Donna, that sounds like so much fun!  That is great that you are doing this!

BUT, please be careful! 

You ought to post a picture of it so we can all see your new ride!

And, congrats on the new car too!  You deserve it!

How are the hats coming along? 



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I just loved reading your happy post!!  Your new car and bike both sound fantastic.  Hugs, Linda

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Your bike sounds awesome!  Loved reading your post!  Thanks for sharing it with us and good luck and have fun!

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She's dangerous and on wheels (:

I wish you lived closer. I too just bought a new bike. We could terrorize the neighborhood

together. Imagine that? Just when think they they are safe, a second mad woman on

wheels turning the corner. 

I hope you are not as dangerous behind the wheel... LOL


Love you,


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I am going to be extra careful when I am out and about as I wouldn't want to hit you Donna on that new bike!  Thank you for posting this!  Love reading about your new adventure!

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i love to bike...dont' get a chance too often..mainly on our camping trips we use to get around campground and local store. WE have great rail trails around (HOME) old train tracks-all level and smooth.


Well have a great time getting back on and riding-exciting new car and new bike...



Posts: 6563
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i love to bike...dont' get a chance too often..mainly on our camping trips we use to get around campground and local store. WE have great rail trails around (HOME) old train tracks-all level and smooth.


Well have a great time getting back on and riding-exciting new car and new bike...



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You will look snazzy on your new bike.  Many miles of fun I wish for you.  

I love biking in South Florida and was really unhappy when my mother sold the bikes.  Flat, I love flat.  Where I live it is hilly.  I once flew over the handle bars landing on my head (no damage) Wink but I had a 1 year old child and wondered what I would have done if I had broken my arm or leg.  Never went back on the bike.

Years later when I tried to ride again, I found myself panicking when I approached going down a hill.  In South Florida there were no hills and I had no problems.

Ride that lovely new bike but don't forget the helmet.  Orange? Black?  Cool

Have someone take a photo of it for your expression page.


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Kristin N
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Donna, rather than just a photo, how about a video of you riding your HOT bike?  But, just make sure it isn't one where you have an accident please.  Surprised

Thrilled for you and have fun!

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Oh, a video would be good!  LOL

Lynn Smith
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Sounds like fun.New bike and a new car.Years ago I got a bike at a garage sale.It was old and kinda like one I had when I was young(why I got it)Brought it home but  couldn't reach the pedals on this one. I ended up giving it away.I'm even shorter now. When I look at them in the store bikes don't look like they're made for shorter people.  

Where I live we have to drive somewhere to ride bikes.We live on a state route and our house is on a hill. There are bike paths in towns not far and some ride bikes in our cemetery.

I'll be checking out bikes.IMO better exercise than walking. I'm not a walker.I get plenty of that cleaning my house all day. 

Have fun with riding your bike.Looks like the training wheels are working.Good idea.I might need them myself.


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YES!  Post a pic of your new bike and new car! 

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Alexis F
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My hubby and I ride our bikes during nice weather some.  Love reading this Donna.  It's nice seeing you post!

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Never heard of adult training wheels before, so, thanks for letting us know.  I know that you will really have fun, no wrecks now, riding your bike. 

You've always been an inspiration to me Donna!  I will always remember your posts about making all of those hats for chemo patients.  You're a blessing!

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