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I have done my best to remain positive and upbeat. I tried to naively believe the system would work fairly, well IT DOESN'T! SSI has informed me I am Not Disabled and although I might not be able to perform as I did in the past I can perform to economic status of now. So apparently I have severe hearing lose requiring two hearing aids that don't help me understand everything especially in a noisey enviroment, I had strong speech impairment that makes me sound like my nasal passage has never been open and I have been completely deaf my whole life, I can't eat or drink a darn thing so I have a feeding tube permittly attached to my body that I have to fill every 3 hrs 5 xs a day. I also have to do exercises ever hour that I am awake, but according to our goverment, I am able to perform the job of SALESPERSON!@&^$_#^@&@*. My own family can't understand me, you all andeveryone I know, knows the odds of me eating again(even though I will fight it, they can takee my fight), but some loser who lies and cheats probably got approved today! I know I can appeal, and will get a lawyer and will fight this along with everything else, but sometimes that straw floating in the air lands and the house of cards falls. I am so depressed and deflated, unemployment cut me off when hospitalized, SSI says no, I am raising an 8 yr old, this is what I get for being a good person


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...but seriously: WTF are they thinking? So infuriating!

I'm sorry to hear about this, and the last thing you need is more to worry about. There's a group that may be able to help you find a good lawyer with experience in this area: The Cancer Legal Resource Center. Hopefully they can hook you up!

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rachel, i'm so sorry to hear this and i agree w/u that someone who doesn't truly need it probably got approved today.  try not to give up hope.  contact a lawyer that deals w/this and i think u'll have better luck.  i will be praying for u.

God bless,

debbie jeanne

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Im sorry you were denied, and I would definetly appeal, or seek legal help.  I have a 30 year old daughter who is a twin, she was born premature and lost her hearing  however that is all the handicap she has.  She is a beautiful young woman and I am proud of her, however she qualified for SSI when she was around 5 years old and has been on it for 25 years now.  Im her father and love her but always felt she should be able to work which she has sometimes but never lasted at a job.  My point is she qualified for SSI for being deaf only, so I just wanted you to know you should as well, you have more issues than she does and I find it frustrating that they  think you are not qualified.  So again I share this personal information with you not sure if it will help but again Appeal and give it another shot.  Have you checked to see if you might qualify for SSA disability, if you worked in the past you would have paid in to social security.  Continue to pray about it God will work something out for you, I know its hard to keep the faith when things seem to be going backwards but after reading many of your post I know you trust God to provide so keep trusting.

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You can appeal this decission.  But I would suggest talking with a social security attorney that just deals with these issues.  You don't pay them a cent if you aren't approved, and then they only take a part of monies you would get for back pay.  They will walk you through everything.  I'm so sorry that this is taking so long.  Please don't let this set back upset you so much.  You have to stay strong.  I'm thinking only positives for you Rachel !  Katie

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Hi Rachel,

Sometimes the only way you can beat an )@(*#^ is with an )@(*#^  ... time to contact an attorney! 

They have specialists just for this situation. Nothing out of pocket, just a percentage after the checks start coming in. 


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I know bad news sucks if I can help just let me know bill

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Hey everyone,

Not replying to one but all of the above. I am calmer now and thank u for letting me vent. I will take all your advice and tomorrow seek legal help, I just hate when you have to learn a lessen the hard way, the goverment really doesn't work for us, the good people, just the crooks!

Again your all wonderful thank you!


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Head and neck cancer is on the SSD list of compassionate allowances. you should have tried for disability first. I think the people who review disability cases are more knowledgable about the effects these treatments have on our bodies and minds. When I applied for disability it was reviewed, approved and back pay was in my account in exactly 13 days. I'm confident that an attorney can get this approved.

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always denied on the first go around, so let this get to ya.  I did some reading tonight (slow night at work), and found a site that explains much of what folks go thru in trying to obtain SSDI....one paragraph did strike me was:

"Statistics indicate that social security disability and SSI claims with representation (either non-attorney or attorney) yield more allowances than disability claims that are unrepresented and presented to a judge by the disability claimant (you)."

...so getting an attorney does seem to make a difference.....



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I know how frustrated you must feel, but as everyone says "Don't give up".  I'll be talking to my daughter this weekend and see what group she used for help. There must be a way!



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Is this your first attempt to qualify? Almost everyone gets denied on the first try unless you have metastatic disease, and or are receiving "palative" treatment. I qualified in 2 weeks as I met the above benchmarks. I would try one more time on your own and then hire an attorney. Don't you love this system we live in, you pay into a system and play by the rules and get denied while Wilma Welfare and her 6 kids with six different last names gets a free cell phone and nice apartment to live in compliments of Mutual of Obama.

Keep trying


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right on!!!!

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I cannot BELIEVE you have been denied!  OMG I work with a 40 something woman who claims to be disabled but we all know she is NOT but she gets SSD works up to the very penny she can make p/t 6 days a week and hse is also on Sec 8 knows the system well...it is so unfair!  If you hire a Lawyer they will take 1/3 of any backpay you may receive and it's a long process...whta state do you live in?  Perhaps a visit to the office is in order...just a sugestion...I thought that the other day I saw you had been approved maybe my error...keep on fighting!  It is so unfair as I know from my Husband who is in a very similar situation as you and he was approved back in 2010 returned to work p/t and no longer can work at all due to his swallowing issues he has Carpel Tunnel and no relflexes due to the Rads and chemo...along with several other problems.  Get Dr letters from all of your Dr's and make an Appt at your local Social Security Offfice and bring all your medicall records you can get a hold of.  yes the cheaters and people who never paid taxes in the USA are taking money away from the people who worked hard and didn't ask to get Cancer and suffer along with all the expensies you incure being sick.  My prayers are with you, but I would deffinatly get letters from all your Dr's and bring them to the SS Office...you may be surprised at how it may go smoothly,  Sending my thoughts to you and your Daughter as you are in a very tough situation...may there be a Rainbow at the end of this mess for you....keep your spirits up...and FIGHT.

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keep appealing

i had to appeal 3 times and finally they accepted, i am not certain but i think you can appreal 5 times and that may have changed in the last four years. 

i was told it is normal to get rejected at least twice. the first time is automatic. 

good luck


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This reply is for John and everybody above him,

I am sooooo appreciative of all your positive advice, your anger at the unfairness, and the feeling that you are all being defensive of someone in your family. As fighters or Suvivors that's what we are family always ready to get anothers back whatever the. Need may be. Do to a couple of people taking time to research information and others to release personal assitance with contacts I have to choose now between lawyers to fight for me and have my fight gun reloaded, thank you from a once again humbled single Mom that has been bleesed by God when He led me here!
Your all beautiful, and your all my brothers and sisters.

God love you all,


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Legal help.  That's what it took for us.  I don't even remember how we were referred to our lawyer.  I think she might have called us first.  We were denied once, and I said something to our oncologist's nurse practitioner about it.  She said that most people do have a hard time convincing the powers that be that cancer is indeed debilitating.  Seems all that good publicity about surviving is making some people think that cancer is a cakewalk now.  Society seems to think it's a little chemo, buy a pretty wig, go to a support group, get some plastic surgery, and voila!  Cancer over.  But cancer survivors know it isn't so easy.  I suspect our doctor's office gave our name to someone, but regardless, it helped.  One 4 hour court appearance with that lawyer and my husband was approved.  First check came in three months. 

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Don't get discouraged.  I had to appeal with a lawyer that specialized in SS Disability claims.  It will probably take a while before your case gets posted on a judge's docket unless maybe you are in a smaller community with a lesser caseload.  As T stated above, don't worry about paying the lawyer.  SS will send his/her part directly out of your first check (which will include benefits retroactive to when you were first deemed disabled).

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Get that attorney!!  That will solve your problems ...and I just want to add that I love you being on the board...12 yrs!!!  A true grit survivor and now I find out a single mom ...holy cow if anyone will win this and throw it back to the fed it will be you...even if is take a while....

Whispered a prayer this gets worked out quickly!!!

Thanks for being on the board and sharing your experience .



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Thaks Tim! Hired lawyer and hope this gets resolved. Single mom is only for 3 yrs, although ex was terrible husband so we may have lived together but I was single for a long time. Have been blessed with a very supportive boyfriend,daughter and family. I just trust God and fiht every battle as they come. If you are going through treatment or newly NED make sure you do those swallowing exercises. If you don't know about them ask you doc, you don't want to lose your swallow 12yrs later cause you didn't know. Just plain swallowing food isn't enough, I did that 3 meals and more a day and it didn't save me. That is the benefit of having to fight this animal in 2013 rather than 2000, better technology, a lot of you get salvia glands back, whatever I got I won't call salvia at all.

Again thanks for complement and any advice or shoulder I can lend you let me know!

God Bless,


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