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ChefDaddy 3/18 Update ~

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Dawn (Sweetblood), just got word from ChefDaddy concerning his son..., not so good news and prayers needed his way...

I know that ChefDaddy was on here long before a lot of the current crowd... He had all kinds of hurdles with dealing with cancer himself, custody of his son and daughter from a physcho, stalking ex-wife.., and a son battling leukemia on and off several times.

Here's the latest as of yesterday from Dawn;

Hi Dawn, I'm sorry for not staying in touch. Life has been crazy for several months between my ups and downs but more importantly my son Masons issues. Last Monday we learned that his leukemia was back again for the third  time. He was ambulanced to the emergency room Tuesday. Today I was told that the daily lab results clearly shows that the leukemia cells are multiplying so fast that he won't be going home and that he has about a week, maybe two to live . Please tell my old friends on CSN that I've always greatly appreciated their kind words of support and prayers for my family.


Your friend

Chef Daddy

Anyways, please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this latest struggle...

Please say a few extra for Dawn also..., she is in a battle herself. She's trying to get the courage to get back on here, just hasn't quite got there yet.

Best ~ John


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My heart is so heavy, I just hate this kind of news.
Thank you for the update, I know that wasn't easy news to pass on.

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Just when you think your life is challenging at times, you fall across this and think, it's not so bad. So sorry to hear of this. My thoughts and prayers are with ChefDaddy and also Dawn. May they get some peace and relief very soon for the challenges before them.


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Prayers sent out for Mason, Chef Daddy, Dawn, and Everyone Here

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Thanks for passing it forward.  My thoughts and prayers will be added to the above.  Tell them both they are being hugged, and held up from our end.  Katie

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whatsoever....the one thing there is always extra of is.....prayers.  Sending a basketfull to Chefdaddy......Dawn has been in my pocket for a few weeks...


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john, thank you 4 the update.  my thoughts and prayers are with chefdaddy, his family and dawn.  it's never easy to hear bad news.  i wish we could do more.

God bless us all,


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Wanted to bring this back to the top for a few added prayers...


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Both Dawn and ChefDaddy are in our prayers.

Kari & Dan

josh r.
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To Dawn, Chefdaddy and all brothers and sisters,

As you can see prayers are being sent constantly to all of you. It sounds corny and trite but keep the Faith, there's a hugh wave of us riding with you. josh r.

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Pam M
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As usual, when someone doesn't post for a while, I tell myself it's a good thing - they are just too busy feeling better and enjoying life, and they need a little distance from cancer concerns for a while.  Hoping for another rally. 

Thanks, Skiffin and Hondo, for updating us.  After all the horrifying stories of ChefDaddy's trials, many of us really felt they've been past due for joyous news (yes, I know ChefDaddy's treatment outcome was positive, but I was hoping the family would be on a roll).

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I would be happy to add to the goof thoughts and prayers coming from the H&N forum.  Who knows it could be any of us.



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But certainly adding my best vibes and wishes for him and his family in this terrible time. No one should have to endure this. I'll wish for a miracle for him.



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GOOD (not goof)

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jim and i
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Thanks for the update John. I Think about chefdaddy every time i come to this board. My heart breaks for him. I cannot imagine losing a son to this beast. My prayer is that God comforts them and holds them close, and yes maybe even performs one more miracle. Thinking and praying for Dawn as well.


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So sorry to hear this....

Prayers and positive thoughts in this time of need.....


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Saying many, many prayers for Chef Daddy, his precious son and family, and for Dawn.  I'm so sorry to hear this.

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Dawn let me know that Mike said it isn't good...

Mason (Mike's son), is going down hill rapidly...

His lungs are failing and the leukemia is pretty much eating him up..Mason is fighting hard to the very end, and Mike is extremely proud of him. It's hard for Mike to text Dawn he said, "when he is crying and can't see the keyboard..."

Please keep Mike, Mason and their family close in your prayers...



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I am so sorry to hear this. He has had such a tough go.


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for peace and comfort going up for Mike, his son Mason, and his entire family during this time. Also praying that Mike and his family make and gather more good memories over the next few days; enough to sustain them in the weeks and months to come.   

The family will remain in our prayers,

Doug and Diane Ditto

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These types of posts are never easy to ready much less understand why this happens to anyone especially kids ...blessings and prayers for Mike and his family.

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Jan Trinks
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That is so sad.  This beast is horrible anyway you look at it; but it's especially horrible when it's taking such a young person who's been through so much!  But at least he's had Mike to see him thru.  Will be praying for him and Mason and family.


Jan (Basketcase)

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I am praying very hard for his family.  I hope they can find some comfort in their memories.

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prayers for Dawn and Chef Daddy.  I have a heavy heart that such lovely people have to go through such troubles.  ANN

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