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Saying hello, and unexpected worries

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Hey, everyone! I haven't been posting quite as much the past few weeks but I've been here every day. :-) I just wanted to check in to say hi and see how everyone is doing!

I'm doing better, for the most part. I still have a little trouble swallowing, but my saliva is a bit better and I think my taste is too. I've started my new job and it's going well so far. I like our new apartment, I like LA, and my boyfriend and I are getting out to do more things. One of the goals with the move was to exercise more so we picked an apartment that's walking distance to my office. My boyfriend was skeptical... but so far I've kept my committment to walk every day! I have my first appointment with the new oncologist here in LA on 3/25, so I'm planning to ask then about my next scan, etc.

I left my old job because I felt like I was working on the wrong kind of games. It's probably a subject no one here would care much about so I won't go into detail (unless you play a lot of video games), but I decided to speak out about it. A part of the reason I changed my outlook was the fact that I went through cancer treatments, so that became a part of the article I wrote. It went up on the main game development website (Gamasutra) on Monday. I was super nervous because it's about a controversial subject to begin with and it also was being very public (within my very small industry) about going through cancer treatments. So far the feedback has been positive, which was a big relief! Here's a link, although the subject matter is probably pretty dry for folks not in this line of work. :-) The Metrics Aren't The Message

Even with all of the positive news, I have the same worrying problem we all do. This is girl talk, so guys, feel free to skip over this bit! I took antibiotics for that chest infection/cold thing a couple weeks ago, and about four days ago I noticed I was super itchy and swollen in a specific area. I've had a yeast infection before (so I KNOW what they feel like). I was the Thrush Queen during treatments (so I KNOW my friendly bacteria is really out of balance). I had a prescription for single-day diflucan accidently prescribed by my old ENT instead of the right prescription for a previous case of thrush, so I filled it and took it. When it wasn't better just two days later, I had a panicked two hours of reading about how HPV can cause all kinds of cancers for women and one of the main symptoms for a specific kind of cancer is itching. I finally talked myself into calming enough to sleep, and got more OTC medication the next day. If it's not better in a couple more days, I'll make an appointment at the OB/GYN. None of that stops the nagging worry at the back of my brain, even though I KNOW BETTER.

At any rate, I've read about folks worrying about scans and symptoms over the past few days, so I figured I would chime in and let you know you're not alone and it's not weird. If itching down south can make me worry about throat cancer coming back, y'all should feel like it's normal to worry about symptoms in your throat. ;-)

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Hi Laralyn,


I am glad to hear the relocation and job are working out for you.  I won’t touch your other subject except to say the HPV, the scans and anything to do with cancer (my cancer) make me nervous.


Nice to hear from you, keep feeling better.



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So nice to hear from you and glad you're liking LA, it can be a jungle out here! I've been here my whole life so I don't know any different but I know it can get crazy for people who just move here as adults.

As for the itchy situatation, an itch is just an itch! What I'm trying to say is this, don't let your mind go there! Stop searching for "causes" because you will only make yourself crazy! I myself have had the same reaction to certain antibiotics and the single diflucan dose has not cleared it up. My dr had to RX me a second dose. And I too was a thrush queen during rads, that's just howmsome of us are. Please don't let your mind go to all those "what ifs"

Have a great day and enjoy this weird weather we're having. Not sure how close to the coast you are but we are socked in with fog where I live, oh the hair will be lovely today :-)

Take care,

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I'm completely lost when it comes to gaming honestly...my kids just laugh at me !  I read part of your article, but got kicked off site, so couldn't finish it.  Wow girl you've got talent !  Yeah about the other issue you brought up...darn antibiotics did it to me every time.  But after my radical hysterectomy....never again.  I've heard yogurt can help stay these off too.  And you are so right about the lingering worries.  I'm sorry your getting these, but know you're not alone.  You did the right thing by relaxing and moving forward.  Hugs sent !   Katie

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carries little weight....I tell myself that all the time, and even I don't hear me....but.....silly girl, get off the darn internet....you had a yeast infection right up until you decided to investigate for yourself.  Smile  Taking antibiotics, and ending up with a yeast infection "down south" is so common, many people start taking probiotics the instant they pop the first pill.  No matter what symptoms we have, we can get on the internet and eventually see cancer lurking around the corner.....in my short time since treatment I've had symptoms of lung cancer, thymus cancer, reoccurance of NCP....just from little "symptoms" that pop up.  The main symptom of a yeast infection is intense itching...and since you just got done with a batch of antibiotics, logic is......that you have a yeast infection caused by that.  Since you are the "thrush queen"....your infection might not be hit by OTC stuff....you need bigger guns.  Make the appointment with the OBGYN now, so you don't have to wait as long.  You can always cancel if the OTC stuff hits it before you go.

Oh....and go to the Health Food store, and pick up some probiotics....the kind they keep in the refrigerated area.  Maybe give your body some help to overcome the thrush fungus. 

I'm a worry wort in the worst way.....so I relate with you on this part....once the rug is yanked out from under us, we tend to keep checking on it to see if it's still there. 


I LOVE the new pic!!..........you're looking so healthy and pretty!!

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Hi. I found it so bizarre that you wrote about your "new worry".   I was convinced for the last few weeks that I probably had anal cancer but I think in reality that all of the bike riding I have been doing has caused some hemorroids.  I think and hope we are just overly worried! Hope the diflucan corrects your situation.


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If I may discuss the North End of things and thats our minds.  It seems once bitten twice shy so its understandable that every body tingle, twitch, or( no poem intended) Itch makes us wonder.  I know I do, either way Im sure you will be fine and seems the ladies have provided good feed back on the southern end of your concerns.  Ditto on your beautiful picture.  Looking great.

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Glad you enjoy your new job. Sounds like you made some good changes in your life....to go along with the abi-normal, as skiffin tells us : )

I'm going to pm you about your other subject : )


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Popping you to the top for Tim

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...sounds funny in the context of the... uh... southern concerns in my post. ;-)

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I could have sworn I responded to this last night ...I think I must have fallen asleep while doing so...good to see you on again more Laralyn....glad most all is going well....thank you Matt for popping her to the top... :)



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