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She said her surgery was going to be Tuesday, I am anxious to hear how she is doing.  If anyone sees her on Facebook let us know.

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And hoping to hear soon that all went well. KayeKay, we are thinking about you!


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Please let us know how it went. No hurry. Once you feel well enough to post. Get your rest. Hope all is well.


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Hope things went well!

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Joined: Nov 2012

She is probably recovering in the hospital now.  Hopefully, when she feels up to it she can drop us a short update.

Hope she is feeling better soon!

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I have been thinking of her too. 

I'm sure she has no computer and is still in the hospital. I was lucky to have an iPad, so I could communicate as soon as I felt up to it. 

I know she was very frightened, and hopefully now that the proceedure is over, that her anxiety has been releaved somewhat. 

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We are all thinking about you. I hope you see this thread when you are able so you can see all of the support for you here.

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and sending positive thoughts....~ Ann

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