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Follow up scan results- some questions and looking for input

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I just had my 1 yr follow up CT. My path report 1 yr ago was:

5.5 cm T1b Clear cell carcinoma Grade 2 No nodes tested no mets determined at the time I was not referred to an oncologist and have not seen one to date.

Prior to my nephrectomy last Feb., an abdominal/pelvic CT noted a cluster of mesenteric lymph nodes that were prominent but no enlargement was noted. This 1yr follow up CT again noted the mesenteric lymph node cluster and stated that 1 was at 1 cm in size. But it continued on to say "stable since Jan 2012 scan." The original 2012 scan made no reference to enlargement, so I am uncertain about the statement of "stable". Does that just mean it was 1 cm back in 2012 and they just didn't specify that in the report? Would any of you feel this is a point for further investigation?

Also, this new scan noted a 1cm sclerotic lesion on my left ilium. Again it says "stable since Jan. 2012 suggesting it is a bone island." BUT that scan report from Jan. 2012 makes no mention at all of this bone lesion at all! This makes me a little concerned. Am I being paranoid?

As you can tell I get copies of all my test results! I have an appointment with my surgeon this coming Monday to go over this report, but his office has already called to tell me the CT was good, so I'm anticipating him telling me all is well and "see ya next year." While I know how incredibly fortunate I am and that I have a very high probability of being cured, I also know nothing is written in stone or gauranteed. So that being said I would love opinions/input! 95% of me is saying "awesome all is good" but there is a nagging 5% that is not certain just yet.

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I have been known to say "I know I am here for my check up but before we get to that...what does XYZ mean..Don'

t let the appointment get going and somehow not get your answers...ask about it right up front...and if you still don't feel comfortable get a 2nd opinion...I would suggest an oncologist for that...JMHO


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You have to be seen by a renal oncologist... everyone should be followed by one. Please find a good one in your area and make an appt.  Maybe scanmam on the boards here knows more about your scan reports.  Please let us know what the oncologist says once you meet with him/her.  Wishing you the best...

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I am taking your advice and making an appointment to see a urologic oncologist in a nearby city.  At minimum it will give me peace of mind! 

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I also had bone mets in the illium. They healed up with my treatment. Sclerotic bone means they have scarred up with no active cancer. So, they don't mention it anymore.

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Fox, thank you very much for this clarification! That goes a long way to giving me some peace of mind already!

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