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Feminine Issues

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As some of us know, post menopause brings with it a new set of challenges.  I just wanted to share some helpful information I gained from my Naturopath. 

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and lubricant, for those private areas. 

And there is a product sold by Dancing Willow Herbs that restores elasticity to vaginal tissues, commonly lost after menopause.  The great thing about this product is you only need to use it for about a month, then the body takes over. 


I do not work for this company and do not receive any proceeds related to sales. 

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Thanks!  I was  beyond menopause when I was diagnosed and had my surgery, but these are still issues for me.  You know what is really cool? That you have a relationship with your naturopath that allows you to discuss such intimate topics.  You're lucky!

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Thank you for the helpful information from one who has experienced these challenges too.  Up until my surgery when I was 50, I was still having my periods like clockwork every month, which means that post-surgery, I was thrust into surgical menopause.  I'm sure your tips will help!


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