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Dad had a stroke and an UTI.

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Hi guys,


I wanted to give you an update about dad.  Last Tuesday he was sitting at the table eating and then told me he felt very weak and needed some help getting up.  I helped him up and off to bed he went.  Woke up at 5:30 with dry heaves and diareha issues.  Mom and I had a virus so assumed that is what it was.  One top of that during his chemo Friday his IV leaked and he got a chemical burn form the chemo on his left arm. 

As the week went by he felt some better, but still weak.  When I got home Friday night I could tell he was very dehydrated, so called rescue squad.  Got him to ER could not walk unassisted and very sick.  The determined he had a bladder infection, his left arm was swollen and red and he was not moving it much.  ER wanted to send him home, but I was clear he was not going home till he could walk.  Agreed to admitt him after 11 hours.

Started feeling better, treated for bladder infection.  I was still pushing for someone to look at arm.  His oncologist came in and decided there was more going on then the chemical burn.  He told me it could be a stroke or very likely cancer spread to brain.

Got a call early the next morning that it was a stroke.  I never thought I would he happy to hear someone had a stroke.  It is a very small stroke, they think the infection could have caused his blood pressure to drop and this lead to stroke.  There is no signs of a tumor other then what he already had.  The told him his brain looks really good.

The stroke effected his arm and his hip and made his swallowing worse.  They are going to put in a peg today and then start him on some rough rehab.  They think he will recover at least 90%, but the funny thing is right now my father is better then he has been in 2 years.

Thank you guys for everything.  Please watch out for a bladder infection,  They can do some serious damage. 




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Thanks for the update...

Sorry for the situation, but sounds like he is doing well, and I'm sure the PEG will help him a lot...

Thoughts & Prayers


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THANK GAWD FOR CARETAKERS!!!  If you hadn't been there, and made it very clear to them that he needed to stay in the hospital, they would have sent him home and nobody would know that he'd had a stroke....Given the options, I can well imagine your relief that a stroke was indeed what was going on...perspectives sure change, don't they?

So now he can get rehab for his stroke, and while he's in the hospital they can care for his arm....get that bladder infection under control, and keep him hydrated to the nth degree.


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 I am sorry to hear about these latest events.  At least you’ve got a handle on them now.  I hope your Father, Mother and you find better times.


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