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Ketogenic/glucose clarification

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Ok, I first mentioned ketogenic diet to Pete a while ago, I also told him I had concerns with it as it didn't work for us, in fact we believe it made our son's tumour grow rapidly. I have posted this on the brain tumour board but people will do what people will do given the situation, who am I to say it wont work for them.

We would never have tried this diet if there wasn't compeling human evidence that it did work. So what went wrong in our case? no idea...

But I found (I believe) the mechanism that increased the growth, lactate.

As for other peoples opinions, they are of course valid, I would like that they actually read/view the evidence I present but it's not compulsary.

When my opinion is challlenged I automatically look for more evidence to back up my opinion or refute it. Because of the 'sugar' disussion I have been going through old notes (and new) and finding stuff that is getting me exited.

The Warburg/reverse Warburg hypothesis is a very interesting angle for attacking cancer, maybe not ALL cancer's but it's a start.

Metformin, DCA, and N.A.C are going to play important roles in it, and to some extent diet.

This stuff is not simple by any stretch of the imagination, (or maybe it is and Im just too stupid) there is conflicting information, researchers finding opposite results etc.

Im not going to post what I have found, (at least not here) debate is one thing but personal attacks are too draining and Im way to emotional right now.

If your interested do your own research and read ALL the evidence.


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Pls let (some of) us know what you find, when you feel up to it.

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