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First of all, I do not want to mislead anyone, but I registered this to get help for my brother.He is 24 and last year was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to have one removed. He went through a month or two of radiation therapy. Recently, he went for a check-up and more blood tests, only to get bad results. He refuses to go for more treatment.

He is in a really, really bad place right now. He is dealing with alot emotionally. He has expressed that he doesnt want to live anymore. I cannot get him to understand that this is not the end of him and that he can grow from this. I cannot get through to him. Please, someone tell me how to help him please.

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please let him know that there is help out there for him, it is not the end,it is a mere speed bump in the road of life, i was diagnosed at 46, a wife and two small kids and sole provider for them,it has been a long rough two years, trying to recover and go back to work,i had another mass in my chest they wanted to biopsy and they punctured my esophagus and now have a diverticulum and need surgery to repair and can only eat soft foods and its almost been a year,please encourage him to call someone,let him know he is not alone,everyone on here has been there,

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How are you doing Audrey. How is your brother today. Has he changed his mind yet?

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Drdoc82 email is drdoc82@yahoo.com

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Your brother is scared

and has every right to be but Testicular cancer is the most curable cancer a man can have. There may be struggles along the way but they are winable. I had stage 4 testicular cancer 20 years ago and I am still here.

I will be happy to talk to your brother if he wans to.

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In January of this year (2013) I celebrated my 40th anniversary of testicular cancer. I was 23 years old at the time, and was given two months to live. The problem is, they never told me which two months it was supposed to be :)

I went through two weeks of excessive cobalt treatment, followed by surgery, followed by another two weeks of excessive cobalt treatment, followed by two years of chemo. I always kept a positive attitude and kept my sense of humor about it all throughout the whole process after all if I was going to die I may as well go out laughing.

I have lived a full and rich life and have no regrets and consider those years to be the best of my life as I learned so much.

I hope this is not too late that it helps.

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