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Radiation Questions explained

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A couple weeks ago I posted a question about why I was to receive so many doses of radiation in one treatment session when we had been told the surgery had gotten it all.  Today my radiation oncologist gave me a good explanation.  What she is doing is covering a large area, where my kidney used to be, but at the same time keeping damage to remaining organs to a minimum.  What I thought they were doing was trying to clear up 18 different possible cancer locations.  What is happening is they are covering a large area and approaching it from multiple angles to keep damage to stomach and intestines to an absolute minimum. 

It took an extra amount of time to get a good answer because my doctor fell and broke her tail bone so was not available until now. Last week the doctor I spoke with did not know my case and could not give me any good answers to my questions.  Now that I understand what is happening it is easier to go through all the side effects I'm experiencing.

It is great to know that modern technology can be used to keep from making matters worse.



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