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Latest scan results

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Well I got my CT scan results today from Thursdays scan and after 2 months on maintenance chemo of just 5fu and avastin. In summary the liver tumors are stable the lung tumors are maybe slightly larger but were described as cavitary so they appear to be necrosing from inside but the peritoneal tumors may have progressed slightly. Hard to say as they are too small to measure and hard to see via CT scan but they appeared to be more nodular according to my onc. Since I don't want to add irinotecan right before vacation and since I plan to go to Germany in a month or so I have decided to stick with my current maintenance chemo untime getting back from Germany. Don't want to nuke my wbcs right before going to Germany for immunotherapy. All in all a decent report and no major progression noted. 


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Hey Tedd. Sounds like a sensible decision. Congrats on a relatively good scan. Stay healthy and let the German doctors figure out how to eliminate those pesky tumors. Thanks for the update.

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No progression sounds good!  Good luck in Germany Tedd - I hope things go very well for you!

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It sounds like you have a good solid plan for preparation for your trip to Germany.

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your liver tumors are stable and that the lung tumors are inconclusive ... these scan results seem positive to me.  I know that you would like to hear that there is signifigant shrinkage but my husband and I never mind hearing the word stable :)  We usually have scans every three or four months so two months may be a bit early to tell the effectiveness of your maintenance treatment.

You are right that the potential Irnotecan gastric distress could certainly upset a planned vacation.  Take that trip and enjoy your family.

I will follow your Geman therapies and results closely as my husband is in a similar situation; three years of traditional therapies have just not been that effective for him.  Because you have not tried the numerous alternatives that Pete has, I think it will be easier for me to understand the potential effectiveness of your treatments.  I wish you all the best as you move forward. Please keep us informed.  



PS Your children are simply adorable.


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is not a bad place to start from for the next leg of the journey.  Seems sensible to hold the line and just keep yourself as healthy as possible until you head to Germany.  Where are you going for vacation?  AA

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We are going to North Carolina where we lived for 11 years and where we still have friends and family (my BIL his wife and their 2 kids). He has a restaurant there that specializes in German and polish food. 

On a side note I got my insurance money today so now I really have to make this decision on Germany. Before I actually got the money it was all just hypothetical but now it's reality time. 


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