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Gastro Problems after womb cancer

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Hi All


I am new here just wanted to have some info/experiences from other in regards to my probs at the mo!! I was diagnosed with womb cancer last year July and had a full radically hyterectectomy. My diagnosis was Stage 2 Grade 1 womb cancer, I have 6 weeks radiation with 2 internal brachy... i am now on holiday in Malaysia and been eating healty unfortunately i got food poisioning last week and since then my stomach has been playing up.. had food poisioning again yesterday... it feels very tender and occasionaly have not very sharp but discomfort pain in the stomach... 

it's better than yesterday but I am just worried and wondered if anyone has experience these after radiation... I also have pelvic, hip, tigh pain from time to time and apparently i heard it gets worst over time....



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I am sorry that you are experiencing such things, especially on holiday.  You may want to stay away from ruffage and greasy foods.  Drinks lots of water.  I also had discomfort in  my lower abdomen.  The doctor said it was more than likely bladder spasms and now my lower right abdomen is having dull but sharp quick pains.  I need to ask my doctor about that right side pain.  I underwent chemo and just finishing up 5 weeks of radiation (Friday is my last day!).  I must be one of the lucky ones because my symptoms have not been so severe.  Talk with your doctor. Everyone is different.

Good luck and hope things get better for you.


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I had stage IV uterine serous papillary carcinoma.  Before being diagnosed, I had a stabbing pain in my lower left side once a day, very briefly. It turned out that my cancer had spread to both ovaries. It was the kind of cancer that usually starts in the ovaries but mine started in the uterus.  Weird!  What type of cancer do you have?

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I had radiacal hysterectomy on Nov 28th . I have had lower left side pain ever since. My Dr said I am constipated but it still has not gone away. I had everything removed state 1 and no radiation or chemo. I found you guys searcing for answers. Thanks God bless, Darlene

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