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Hi everyone

tiny one
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Joined: Jan 2009

Haven't been on here for awhile.  I'm cancer free now 6 years.  Doing pretty good, still dealing with reversal issues, but not as bad as in the beginning.  Have a Grandson 18 months old.  Another Grandson 1 month old. 

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Congrats on being cancer free and on the grandbabies - enjoy them!

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So happy to hear that you are six years NED. And grandbabies, what a joy. 

Thank you for popping in and sharing both pieces of wonderful news. 

Momof2plusteentwins's picture
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Good to hear cancer free after 6 years. Enjoy those grand babies! I hope to have one some day, my 1 year anniversary from diagnosis is next month ~
Sandy :)

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Congratulations,and enjoy the grandbabies.

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Congrats!   We all need to hear the good news also!


Thanks for Sharing!

Best Always, mike

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Congratulations. Very encouraging to hear these success stories.


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Hey! Nice to hear from you! I'm sure you're enjoying those grandsons!




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