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Im back from doc appt, no need for transfusion at this time , im officially anemic, platelets are up a bit so she will see me in 2 weeks, she said if anything changes, or i dont feel "right" call her ASAP, she wont do any scans for another 2 months, she wants cell counts up before i can have a scan, was hoping to have one sooner to see if all this is actually working against the tumor. Best thing she said, no more injections she wants to see if my cell counts can go up with out the injections, im inpatient now.

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Hi Chris,

 It's hard to be patient when all we want is to get this cancer business behind us. Two months will go fast...but the waiting is always soooo hard! I sure hope your counts go up on their own and no more shots will be needed. I'm still waiting to be scheduled for a follow up scan after finishing my 2 years of Rituxan. I'm like you...just want to know if it worked and if I'm finally in remission. Keeping you in my prayers and good thoughts Chris. Thanks for the up-date...I think of you often. Much love...Sue  (FNHL-2-3A-6/10-age 62)

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I hope your results are all in the normal ranges soon. You may have explained it elsewhere (sorry if I missed it if you did), but what is causing your anemia ?  I was anemic when last checked, and my oncologist had me undergo a full colonoscopy and upper GI to look for blood loss. He also had me tested for gleuton digestive issues. It was all negative, and he said the cause was apparantly not any form of cancer, but he was not sure what WAS causing it. He had me receive four IV bags of iron .   I never tested anemic before in my life (including during active disease and chemo), so it is all a mystery at this point for me. 

Again, blerss your progress and future test results,


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Hi thanks for the reply, i was diagnosed in 2008 with FNHL stage 3 had chemo and 2 yrs maintenace therapy which i finished in 2010, in sept of 2012 i had a relapse, and was given Zevalin (nuclear chemo) instead of the regular chemo, also had 2 infusions of rituxan, its been interesting to say the least, my cell counts dropped quickly, had to have a platelet transfusion which i had a bad reaction to, platelet count is up a bit now but all the rest is very low, was giving myself injections of neuprogin for 2 weeks. I guess i am trying to rush all this it will take time, just impatient, i signed up for the relay for life again like i did last summer, hope to be up for it, regsrdless if i sm or not i will be there.

Sue thank you for your kind words, means alot to me will keep good thoughts for you as well 



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Hi Chris.  I'm sorry you're having to wait - I know it must be frustrating.  At least you're not having to stick yourself and go through the aches afterward.  I know from experience it can take awhile for hemoglobin levels to go up.  Did your doctor suggest iron supplements?  They can help but the downside is they can constipate you.  

I hope things improve for you soon.  Keep us posted and hang in there!

Hugs - Jim

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Hi Chris,

I'm thinking of you on this journey we're on, and hoping that your next scans and tests show the improvement you'r waiting for. I'm send positive thoughts and prayers your way.


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Hi Chris.  Good news about not needing a transfusion.  Sorry to hear about the delay on your scan.  With everything swirling in your head I know how much getting a scan....and a good progress report....can mean.  I hope your counts rebound quickly.  I love the docs comment.  "...don't feel right call ASAP...".  I would look at my doc and think 'feel right, seriously?....I don't remember what that is'.  Prayers that your treatment is working.  God bless.  Mac

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Thank you all for the kind thoughts , words and prayers, truly means a lot to me, i am really trying to wait and be patient and i think im holding it together fairly well, today for the first time in weeks the pain was tolerable, no need for anything for pain, and for that i am happy, and reading what you all have posted has really made my day! Again thank you from the bottom of my heart, take care.



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