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Sigh....SAT phones DO work on a ship!

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Friday morning on our cruise (second day in Israel) at 3am, the phone by our bed in our cabin rang.  It was my beau's son, and he was excitied to be calling on SAT...at almost $8 per minute, it is no bargain!

He was calling to say that there was an attempted break-in at our California home.  All worked out, the alarm went off, and they robbers left, but it was still stressful.  The biggest thing that saved the house?  We had made pieces of wood that fit in our sliding windows and doors tracks.  They couldn't remove the window because of it.  And, when they tried the sliding door, the alarm went off....

So, as 'low-tech' as it may seem, these pieces of wood saved our house (along with the quick action of the alarm company calling the police...)

Everything happens in 2's...December 2012 our house caretaker in The Netherlands called to say that 2 guys had thrown a big rock through one of our picture windows.  The alarm went off, and the police were there within minutes.  Later in the week, they caught these guys, with all of the break-in stuff in their trunk.

I must say, also, in both cases it was the nieghbors that really helped, as well.  Our alarms never sound unless there is a problem, and so they listen when it goes off.  And call the police.

WHEW!  Our lives are sooooo exciting!!!  

Hugs, Kathi

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Glad that all turned out well.  Why don't these creeps go to work and make a living like everyone else?  I hope they get more than a slap on the hand.  Yell

The wood was good, many people use this kind of high tech. Smile

Enjoy your trip, and hopefully you will hear no more excitement from home.


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good to hear..sorry stressed out with call..we too had pipe in our sliders but since then have changed them both to french doors for more security..


HOPE YOU trip is relaxing..


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Kathi,  I'm so glad you and both your houses are ok.  We live on a cul de sac and all watch out for each other.  It's very comforting.




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Alarms, preventative window inserts, and wonderful neighbors -- Now, that is something to be thankful for.  Both homes - jeez, that one for the books.  It really helps to have caring, and thoughtful neighbors.

Happy News -- that all is safe.

Vicki Sam


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