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Why I love Thomas, The Ketogenic Diet hits the headlines, even Mercola at last is promoting it

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Dearest Friends,

Please don't read this if life style interventions will cause you stress.

Please read this if you are interested in life style interventions with regards to diet.

Its a strange co-incidence that this article landed in my inbox the same day as my increased cancer marker, I am a making plans to do the full ketogenic diet, sold by doctor COY. its the ultra marathon of life style interventions. On a separate thread re a book review, the premise of the books was attacked and indirectly the lifes work of many worthwhile doctors. I presonally know one of the doctors and am impressed generally with their knowledge ( a few things on colorectal i think they are missing ). basically this discussion is focused on diet and the current science.



PS the diet, and fasting well its a low cost, effective strategy to try, of course discuss with your doctor. ask them about tktl1. they won't know, you will need to educate them each step of the way.



By Dr. Mercola

To some, a ketogenic diet amounts to nothing less than a drug-free cancer treatment. The diet calls for eliminating carbohydrates, replacing them with healthy fats and protein.

The premise is that since cancer cells need glucose to thrive, and carbohydrates turn into glucose in your body, then cutting out carbs literally starves the cancer cells.

This type of diet, in which you replace carbs with moderate amounts of high quality protein and high amounts of beneficial fat, is what I recommend for everyone, whether you have cancer or not. It’s simply a diet that will help optimize your weight and health overall, as eating this way will help you convert from carb burning mode to fat burning.


This quote is one of many from the book below, DER is dietary energy restriction. If you are interested, just google ketogenic and cancer, some links are on my blog.


Late-onset DER also delayed malignant progression and significantly extended mouse survival. These effects were associated with changes in metabolic biomarkers, including blood glucose and lactate levels (Fig. 17.15). We showed that expression of these biomarkers was linked to the downregulation of the IGF-I/ Akt/ Hif-1α signaling pathway [77]. Our findings emphasize an important role for activation of the IGF-I/ Akt/ Hif-1α signaling pathway in potentiating the antiapoptotic phenotype of astrocytomas and indicate that DER targets this signaling pathway. A goal of the cancer drug industry is to target the IGF-I/ Akt/ Hif-1α pathway for tumor management. Our results show that DER can target this pathway without the use of expensive and toxic cancer drugs. Cancer patients and their oncologists should know about this.


Seyfried, Thomas (2012-05-18). Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer (Kindle Locations 8206-8213). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition. 

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I will go away on my csn holiday with a smile. goodluck with ketosis. I will race you there. I pray it works for all those brave enough to try it.



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Pete - lost at sea - I am in all the way with the ketosis concept - just started and hope it is going well with you

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I wonder if anyone bothered to buy and read the book that Pete referenced in his original post: Cancer as a Metabolic Disease?

I did, and after having read the book, I believe that this makes it the single most important post on this forum. The book is not that well written, its repetitive and a little on the technical side, but the theories and the body of evidence it references is overwhealming. After you read it, you will never think of cancer the same way.

Get the book, read it, then read it again and after that gift it to your oncologist as just maybe it may get him to think a little out of the chemo box.

Pete said that this book may just save your life. I don't think he's wrong.



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