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Two great books micro review Defeat Cancer and The power of full engagement

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Please don't read this if you are not interested in alternatives and self help style concepts regarding lifestyle changes that may improve your health, even if you are living with cancer.

I downloaded this a few months back when it was for free on kindle, someone mentioned it here.

I really enjoyed reading it, its a good summary of alot of the alternative therapies i am doing.

Most of the doctors are based in the states, which i was really surprised. I guess that good news if anyone in USA on CSN is interested in these german style therapies.

they are available in your country, i just never heard them mentioned and used by hardly anyone except lisa42, but i don't think her doctor was mentioned.

I also have a few other clinics in europe i can check out.

If you are interested in alternatives, this is a good read. Its not free anymore, it about $10.

In a sense its free advertising for the clinics and the doctors, but the therapies they are suggesting all seemed pretty close to what I have done, am doing and may do.


if you read it, let me know. your thoughts.

the big take home message from alot of the alternative doctors, if you want to try alternatives, do it before chemo for the best effect and that the issues around the mind are the

greatest challenges for cancer patients, the old emotional healing arguments and the discipline needed to make massive lifestyle changes.

this leads into another book "the power of full engagement" all about energy conservation and achieve an effective lifestyle. I have been blessed with the resolve to make many changes in my lifestyle, many find this challenging, this book gives many practical examples of how to be effective. When you are trying to beat a challenging illness and the clock is ticking. well its as good a time as any to review your time management skills and your priorities.

so if you read defeat cancer and are interested in alternatives, then read the second book because it will give you some tools to implement lifestyle changes to give you the best chance of beating the illness using alternatives with lifestyle interventions.




PS and a little surprise for any friends really keen on outsmarting CRC using NK Cells

http://www.cancerfoundation.com/NKcells.html  see the comment re NK suppression and viral load, why have I spent a fortune to get my viral load down.

these articles explain the clinical success at hallwang, they probably don't even knpw of this research. but we do.

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Thanks Pete, for the book reference!


This is my new favorite Cancer Information Book:  Beating Cancer with Nutrition.   Patrick Quillin

It is a technical review of many cancer treatments and adds nutrition into the equation. The book sites many studies that are showing Nutrition with Chemo are having greater affects on cancer. Good nutrition during chemo in several studies is showing a 1200% increase in survivability!  This is in Stage 4 patients!  Survivability from 30 months to averaging over 84 months, just by having a well balanced diet.


Those of you whom do not want a technical book but easy to follow and easy to read:  Nature's Cancer Fighting Foods, Verne Verona.  

An easy read with good technical information, but not put in a techie way.  


Best Always,  mike


PS Ordered the book while thinking what to write.

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The link didn’t work for me, so I could not read what you were referring to. However, if the jest of it, is to change ones’ lifestyle to enable a better fight against cancer? I doubt it, my friend.


My mother smoked 4 packs a day for nearly her entire life. She had most of both her lungs removed over a

17 yr period, never having stopped smoking in spite of her lung cancer the entire time! She lived 17years beyond her prognosis, and was quite healthy right to the very end.


Cancer is an insidious disease, and it can afflict anyone at any time. The immune system, for some reason, does not identify a rogue cell; a normal cell that’s dying and has gone to the fermentation process to remain alive.


It’s the immune system that’s permitting a dead cell to survive, not some sort of outside force to be reckoned with. Consequently, only our immune system will be able to resolve this problem!


Suggesting that our diet, or lifestyle is what’s caused this disaster, is counterproductive to finding a cure. A normal cell that is dividing normally in it’s life-process can present ½ it’s cell to the cancer conversion process, only due to the immune system neglecting to remove that ½ cell that should have been removed. That ½ cell will begin a new life via the fermentation process (known as cancer), with absolutely no relationship to the lifestyle or diet of it’s host.


After being diagnosed in 2006 with signet cell colon cancer, I have not changed one thing in my diet or lifestyle, nor do I ever intend to change anything. My prognosis was 2~5 years with chemo and radiation, and -0- years if I did nothing after surgery (Chemo would have provided a 2% advantage over doing nothing.)


I did Chinese herbs.


Changing one’s lifestyle and diet after years of neglect, isn’t going to matter all that much, and I doubt if it matters at all. Anything and everything can cause cancer to those of us that are susceptible to cancer; there is no long or short of that. Using the “blame game” to appoint illness’ to specific life decisions, is foolish.


In the state of California, nearly everything is a carcinogenic! But what is not noted, is that anything that can damage a cell to the point that it can no longer take commands from our body/brain, can cause that cell to begin life via the fermentation process…IF… our immune system does not identify it as a damaged cell and quickly removes it!


It isn’t what we eat, or what we smoke, or what our lifestyle is like…… It is our own immune system that is at fault, for not recognizing a defective / damaged cell is, and removing it.


There is a tremendous amount of conflicting thoughts brought forth by the cancer industry and the alternative medicine industry, regarding cancer. Making things more complicated than it really is, can produce revenue for those entities where revenues would not generally be.


Those of us with cancer should keep our eyes and mind wide open. We should attempt to understand what a cancer cell is, and what it is not. We should try to understand exactly why a once perfectly good cell begins a new life by way of the fermentation process within our body.


When we finally comprehend the process, and fully understand that the process can begin at any time for any reason, or absolutely no reason….. then we can begin to search for the real cure.


It’s really not all that complicated!


Best hopes for great health,



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one day we may agree, today is not that day.

google mercola and ketogen7c diet.

or read cancer as a metabolic illness by syfried

der= dietary energy reduction, google it you got a few weeks spare to understand. you can explain, to me then.

terminal diagnosis as good as any to boost time management skills, then if defeat cancer works i am left with highly effective long life.

yes the if is important.



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John and all,

Our time and energy is precious, please come back to me with specifics, my views ego the best science and medical opinion i have found.

bring it on peacefully, i can answer the specific arguments you make the best evidence.


here is the book link.


I wokeup and thought i would at least put in some details.

Just google cancer prevention and life style and diet and exercise.

I honestly cannot believe i am having this discussion with you, but i am just explaining my fanatical conviction that so much of our illness could be preventable and is treatable by life style modification.

Its your body, its your life, enjoy, i to hope you are healthy, thats my wish for all of us. This is just my opinion based on my research, to each his own. If you do some research and have a different view, share it here, because your comment could dissaude people from reading these books and then your eloquence could actually cost lives.


Quote from defeat cancer,

Changing the Body’s Internal Terrain Changing the body’s internal terrain to make it less hospitable or supportive of cancer cells is another one of my treatment goals. Doing this involves addressing all of the following in my patients: poor immune system function, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin and glucose balance, hypercoagulation, and stress. Lab test results help to guide my clinical decision making in these areas.

 Doctors, 13 Cancer ; Strasheim, Connie (2011-05-06). Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative & Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How (p. 330). BioMed Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 


Most patients reap greater benefits from changing their dietary and lifestyle habits than from taking multiple vitamin and mineral supplements.

Doctors, 13 Cancer ; Strasheim, Connie (2011-05-06). Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative & Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How (p. 331). BioMed Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

[57– 60]. Is it better for oncologists to treat patients using only toxic drugs or is it also appropriate for oncologists to consider a nontoxic therapy such as DER? I think those cancer patients who are mindful of their disease might want to participate in the discussion. The widely held notion that tumor cells are resistant to apoptosis is inconsistent with our findings that DER enhances tumor cell apoptosis. Tumor cell resistance to apoptosis arises largely from enhanced glucose and glutamine fermentation. The upregulation of metabolic pathways, involving c-Myc, Hif-1α, and so on, will inhibit apoptosis [77, 141– 143]. If energy from glycolysis is reduced, then many tumor cells will die or growth arrest from catastrophic energy failure. Tumor cells have difficulty growing once their access to glucose and glutamine becomes limited. Indeed, Yuneva [144] considers the dependence of tumor cells on glucose and glutamine for survival as the “Achilles heel” of cancer. I concur with Dr. Yuneva's general assessment. I address this issue more in Chapter 18.


Seyfried, Thomas (2012-05-18). Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer (Kindle Locations 8126-8134). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition. 

I just bought: 'Life Style Changes And The Fight To Defeat Cancer' by James Williams
Cancer is one of the major causes of death and ill health. Studies have indicated that genetics does play a role in the development of cancer; however, the major contributor is diet and lifestyle as discussed in this e-book



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issue of www.clinicaloncology.com 

and is entitled "Lifestyle Affects Colon Cancer Recurrence,Progression Risk"


For those who do go to this,check out item on mutations being different making a difference in Tx



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dear john23 and all,

read all the articles and tell me diet does not matter. of course you are entitled to your opinions, just like i am, i don't seek to change yours. or anyones, just my own. just be happy doing whatever you want, my aunty smoked until the day she died of lung cancer also. and the overweight guy can order a big mac on the way to hospital. its a free country, we are free to do what we want. we are free to go against the majority. its clear in this case thinking for your self may save your life and improve your survival thats all.

i present these facts, from many well respected  sources and all our friends here can make their own assessment.

thats the secret of self directed change, it starts from within you.

i for one am proud of my achievements and my publicly stated views from day one with this illness, they have mostly been vindicated by science, the criticism and lack of support for contrary views my personal badge of honour.

the criticism from many here ultimately projections at there own inability to make these difficult lifestyle changes. i have the sincerest compassion for them because i expect them to have a poorer prognosis based on the studies findings.

all it takes is a step. i will help anyone who asks for support here.

the lifestyle stuff exercise, diet and stress well its not about the money, is it! its about our unhealthy western way of life, its contributed to our cancer, its decreasing our survival.

for the record, i am not on chemo yet, i am going on the full ketogenic diet asap as my cea hit 12 today and i have some tumour cells to starve.

putting my money where my mouth is, or shoud i say some organic vegetables and steam chicken breast into my mouth, possibly the last normal meal for a while.

its simple if you want a healthier lifestyle just do it, step by step.

if not then enjoy your life, make a choice to disregard this material and move on.

peace of mind is my key strategy, i commend that to us all.



info about ketogenic diet only available germany, its controlled and managed, i don't have the room to get this essential strategy wrong.




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