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Update 3/10 on Doc_Hawk

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I heard from Doc, and he is having a hard go of it.  Last chemo had his oxygen level down in the 70's when it should have been in the 90's.  They stopped it and then he got the remainder the next day.  His weight loss seems to contribute to slow surgery recovery and loss of strength.

His CEA is rising.  Last was over 1600.

Please send out your prayers, good vibes and well wishes to him.

Marie who loves kitties

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Lots of prayers coming your way my friend.



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Frown... oh.. I am so saddened to hear Doc isn't having a better recovery.

It was funny you just posted and I was just thinking I 'll log in here and see a message from Doc.. and I found this at the top of the posts..

I am praying every day for Doc.. I miss his positive twists on things... I hope the best for him..

I am sending love and hugs your way Doc.. keep on fighting.. we  -- I need you here.. Donna

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I'm so sorry to read this, but thanks for letting us know, Marie.  I hope he can regain strength and get back on his feet.  So, so sick of what cancer does to us.  AA

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Sorry to hear about Docs problems right now.  He is a fighter and pray he gets well soon. Jeff

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Tell Doc we are sending extra prayers and sending good thoughts from the Mountains in the AZ!


Best Always,  mike

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Have been wondering how his recovery is going. Thanks for the update, Marie.


Hoping things start improving for you right away.  Take care. We're missing you.




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Thanks for alerting us Marie.  

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Adding my prayers and good thoughts for a speedy recovery.   Hopefully Doc will regain his strength soon.


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I have missed seeing his snazzy profile picture, knowing that if he's here posting, he's doing well.

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I have thought of him over the past weeks since his surgery. I will pray that he will find relief from the pain, and that he will gain the energy he needs to heal. 

God bless you, Doc Hawk!

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was just thinking of him an then read your post. 

All the best wishes


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We are pulling for you Doc!  Hope to see you back here posting very soon!

Prayers and best wishes!

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Will pray for him.

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I wish we could all show up on his door step and say hi to him.   For now we just send our prayers.

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And I'm so sorry to hear that Doc is having such a hard time. He is always such a good sport about everything. That is really low for the oxygen and must be very scary for him. He just can't seem to get a break. Doc, you've got my prayers and support. Thinking of you and wishing you better days ahead.


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Also adding well wishes and prayers. Wishing Doc strength to get through this and back on the board!

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for the update

Doc i am sending you lots of positive thoughts & prayers.



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Oh, Doc. Praying for you!




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I came on here to check on Doc.  I'm sorry his recovery is so hard.  I'm praying for him to get his strength back and heal as quickly as possible.  Thanks for the update.

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Thank you for keeping us updated. My thoughts remain with him,


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come back here soon. -- Cynthia

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Thinking of you and praying for strength and healing.

I miss your positive posts and support. We need you back here!


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Sorry that Doc is having such a hard time.

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