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Hello All - Sorry to blab....

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Carrie Graves
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Good Morning Sisters, 

I hope you're day is off of to a wonderful start!

Emotional day, I just took my steriords for #5 of 16 chemo rounds, UGH do some of you feel like your Lou Ferrigno after taking them?  I'm so pumped, geeze i feel like a boy.  And my cheeks, it looks like I'm storing nuts for winter.

This is one awesome site, thank you to all that created it.   Listenening to your stories, challenges and successes is so heart warming and let's me know my journey with Breast Cancer will be ok.  

My last chemo date is 4/8, then double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.  

I know I'm all over the place, I'm sorry, I have so many feelings inside.  Do you still get the feeling of why me? I get so jealous of my friends and family, seeing them all beautiful with hair, jobs and living life.  

I know God has a plan for me, there is a reaon for this journey I'm on.  And to share one of the BEST experiences out of BC is my Mom.  She and i NEVER liked each other, BUT BC has brought my mom and i together after 42 years of I'll say it. But once the doctor said "Carrie you have breast cancer".  All the hatred, hurt feelings left and only love surrounded our hearts.   Now my mom goes with me to all my appts, she takes such good care of her little girl and trust me i let her treat me like a little girl   LOLOL.   Honetsly, I would endure 50 rounds of chemo just to have this feeling with my Mom.  

Ok, I'm so just going on and going on, thank you for letting me share my experience.  

I get worried of what's to come, but like you Warriors out there, you're strength, energy and will is overwhelming and makes me want to continute to kick *** on cancer.

God is so good, I give him all the glory and Praise in my healing.   I wish all of you the BEST and will pray for you.  

God Bless You All, 

Carrie   :)
























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Your post made me cry happy tears!  I think you've already discovered possible reasons to be brought to the crossroads of life's pathway.  Hearing the C word was the most awful thing to this point for me, and I'm sure all of us here.  It brought you and your mother together in what sounds like a beautiful reconciliation.  Your story makes my heart feel so happy today.  Thanks for sharing, and I wish you well being on your continued journey.  Hugs, Linda 

New Flower
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Hi Carrie,

 I do not sign up often as used to as I am going through too much with my treatments. Yet I did today and came accross your post.

 Hair will grow back, sometimes even better. Well you will get your job back, and stay close to your Mother, for sure.

Please know we all have been there, your feeling are normal, yes "why me?" is a reasonable question , the the aswere is "why not?"

Please keep your faith, real friends close to your heart, and we will celebrate your victory together.




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