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Sad sad day

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Hi Ladies,

Sadness and loss has hit me again. My dear sweet "other" mom has passed away from lung cancer.

She fought so very hard and tried everything she could. She never smoked, ever. We all thought she would be okay.

She is a second mom to me and the one I turned to this past year after losing my mom.

I feel numb and too tired to cry. Sort of like being in a daze. Sort of afraid to cry, I may never stop.

I am ready for a break from my life and the ever changing journey. Still trying to deal with the loss of my beloved mom and recover from the surgery and deal with all the cancer/health issues ahead of me.

To go from such happiness for my daughter to such sadness in less than a week, well it's very very hard.

If you can send Barbara's dear family some prayers or good thoughts to help them through this very tough time, I would be so grateful. They have been so supportive and helpful to me. I wish I could just take away their pain and mine too.

Barbara was such a warm, sweet, caring , strong woman and only stood 4 ft. 9 in. tall. She was a pillar to me !

Feeling so sad today and so lost...

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I am so sorry.  I know how much this hurts.  THoughts and prayers to you, and your friends' family.



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I am so so sorry for the loss of your beloved second mom, Barbara.  Sometimes it's so hard to understand why things happen the way they do and it is so sad and heartbreaking to lose the people we love and admire.  I really do believe that Barbara's spirit is watching over you and her immediate family.  You won't walk alone.

Sending lots of prayers and hugs to you and Barbara's family.


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Glad to be done
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I am very sorry for your loss...


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I am very sorry for your loss Lisha. Some days are filled with sorrow and pain. And there is nothing we can do about it but to cherish the memory of our dearly departed.

We have to be grateful for other days filled with joy, like your daughter's wedding.

Lots of love,



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kimberly sue 63
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sorry for your loss. Kim

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