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Good Scan

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Hi friends,

Just wanted to share our good news! Jeff had his 18 month scan the past Monday, we got the word yesterday, No Evidence of Disease! For those of you going through treatment right now or those of you caring for loved ones I hope that this serves as a beacon of hope. Jeff was diagnosed in May of 2011 with T2N1M0 EC adenocarcinoma. He had concurrent radiation and Chemo (FOLFOX), followed by an IL at John Hopkins in September of 2011. He had his struggles after surgery, but is doing well now. He still works at putting on weight, but otherwise is happy and healthy. I couldn't have gotten through those early days without this board. I wish everyone the best, and pray for peace and joy for all of you.


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So happy to hear this news. Glad to see Jeff is doing so well. NED is always welcome at our house, too!Laughing

Thanks for sharing.


DX October 2009:  T3N1M0

November and December 2009:  chemo (Cisplatin and 5 FU) and radiation

February 2010:  Ivor Lewis surgery

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Hi Niki:

Really glad to hear Jeff's good news!  I doubt scanxiety gets any easier over time, so those blessed words No Evidence of Disease must have come as a huge relief.  My 18 month scan and follow-up with my surgeon are later this month, and it actually helped me today to hear Jeff's results.  May he have another 50 years of such news!




dx 8/3/11

MIE 9/23/11

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What great news! Lord knows we need all the good news we can get!  Keep on doing whatever you're doing and living life to the fullest as we all should do.


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Great news Nikki and Jeff.  Clean scans are such a relief.   Keep them coming.



DX 2/22/10

IL 3/25/10


3 years NED

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Joel C
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It’s great to hear Jeff is doing well, thanks for sharing Niki.


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Yay!!!  I'm so happy to hear your good news!  Thanks so much for sharing!


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Behind a few days, but never to late to shout and be thankful for good news. CONGRATULATIONS!

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Nikimo, my dear friend!


Thank you for posting such good news!  It is a JOY to see someone beat this beast.  I wish nothing more than years and years and years of NED scans for Jeff.


You are in my thoughts often.


PROUD wife to Nick, age 49
lost to fEC, June 19, 2012

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