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Posting pictures on discussion board and expressions gallery

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For a while it was not obvious to me how to insert pictures into posts, so I thought I would share. If you know it already, please disregard.

(1) Picture size needs to be under 150 pixels, larger pictures sometimes get re-formatted and rotated. Right click on your picture, edit size to under 150 pixels and save somewhere on your hard drive (desktop?)

(2) From the body of the post click on the "Insert/Edit Image" (icon that looks like a little tree), click on "Image URL", click "Upload", click "Browse", select the picture you previously saved, click "Upload", click "Insert file". At this point you can add image title and description. Then click "Insert", click "OK" and you are done.

(3) You can add as many pictures as you want by repeating (2). You can also re-size, move, copy, paste and delete pictures from inside the post.

Have fun!!!

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As an old-school, low-tech person, I thank you for the posting instructions.  And your cartoons are too funny and right on target! Haw-haw!


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