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Rare question: Getting a tattoo near port line..??

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Hello all! Please let me know what your thoughts are; I have completed Folfox last month and would like to get a nice tattoo ( of a heart with angel wings) on my upper chest.. Below my collar bone. But one problem.. I have a PORT on my upper right chest. My tattoo will be slightly next to the port but not on it obviously. So now does anyone here know anyone that is in my situation? Tattoo will prob be an inch away from the port itself.. Thanks!

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I know my Onc would not be in favor of it due to the chance of infection. I personally don't care for tattoos so I don't have to worry about it. I'd think twice...

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I think I'd wait until the port is removed, if its going to be removed. 

I'd also want to wait a while until I felt all the bad stuf they'd been pumping me with was gone for good out of my body. 

But, thats just my opinion, so maybe a call to your Oncologist as he's the one with the medical degree. 

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Thanks for your responses! 

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Do you plan to have the port removed?  I got a tattoo 3 months after my chemo ended and I was fine, but mine was on my foot.  I often thought of a tattoo to cover the port scar.  Best to ask your Onc. about it being by the port.

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