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Concern about being around friend who went through RAI

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Mr friend had to drink a higher dose of the solution this past Wednesday since the scan showed some lingering thyroid tissue.  We usually hang out every Sat.  So, he took the higher dose this past Wednesday around 9 AM and today is Saturday.  How safe is it to be around him today?

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.


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Hopefully you did not hang out with your friend on Sat! I was given a high dose of RAI also and was told to not have contact with anyone for the first 3 days and after that to keep my distance to 3 feet from people-6 feet from children and pregnant woman for at least a week.

I can't imagine him wanting to meet and hang out anyways. The stuff really zaps all the energy out of you and just taking a shower requires a nap afterwards. If you friend does, or did have the energy good for him and I'm happy he didn't have such a bad round.

Hope all went well.


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