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So Sorry

miss maggie
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Dear Old friends, and the new friends, I am so sorry you have to be here,

First let me keep up updated on my NHL. I went to my oncologist for my 6 month visit. My blood work was excellent, and I feel good. I will be having another Pet Ct Scan in July 2013. This will tell the true story. My last CT Pet scan showed remission. Sue, I have to search this site, and find out how your scan went.  

I have been so very busy with doctor appointments, so many. Each doctor has to give their approval for elective surgery. My right hip will be replaced on March 12. Please think of me, and say a prayer. I am really not a good patient. I do try, but.

Also, my dear friend will be staying at my house to care for my 2 cats. I am blessed to have such a friend. I suppose I will be in the hospital for 3 or 4 days, and then off for Rehab. I hate being away from home.

I have to purchase a raised toilet seat to use at my home. I see there are 2 sizes. 2 inches and 4 inches. I have no idea what size to purchase? I am 5 feet 3 inches.

Again, I am so sorry for not being on this site for so long. I hope I can at least catch up with some of the posts.

All my love and blessings. Never forgotten                        Love Maggie

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Hi Miss Maggie,

Don't be sorry for not posting, you are going through a tough situation right now and you have to take care of yourself first! We understand that life can get crazy sometimes. I'm happy to hear that your blood work is coming back good, and I'm sure your CT scan will be the same. take care sweet Maggie and please keep us updated on how your surgery went...I will be keeping you in my prayers! (((HUGE HUGS)))



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Hi Maggie,

 I haven't had my scan yet...still waiting to be scheduled. I'll let you know when I find out. Of course we will keep you in our prayers for your surgery. My aunt had both hips done when she was 85, and she did wonderful. I went down and stayed with her 2 weeks, each time she had surgery and I was amazed how fast she healed and started moving around! You will too!  Take care dear friend!

Love you...Sue

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Hey Miss "Mags" ;).  It is great to hear from you1  I'm not much of an expert on the toilet seat situation except I have a lot of experience using the toilet and should have invested money in a toilet paper company ;).  I'd ask your nurses or pharmacy for advice.  

Wishing you luck with the surgery - I'm sure you'll do fine.  Please write when you can.

Hugs always,


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