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Some encouraging News

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Hi all,

It's been a while since I last posted but for those who want to know the background, read my post here:


So, I just wanted to come on here and give an update on my Mum's condition that may offer peace to some people and perhaps a little encouragement.

My mum had her 1st CT scan back since beginning her chemo in Dec 2012 and (3months ago) and there is no visible evidence of disease remaining. there are fluid sacks where the bulky masses were and probably microscopic cells floating around, but we still could not be happoer. Her onc said it was a 1st class response. she has one more round of carbo/taxol left before her surgery.


After being told 3 months ago whilst she was on the emergency operating table, that she was riddled with cancer and it was unlikely that there would be anything they could do in terms of treatment, we've come a long way.  The surgeon who performed her emergency bowel surgery clearly never expected her to still be kicking and going strong... 


She still has a good covering of hair (its thin and a bit patchy but stil 70% coverage) and she said she feels more normal than she has in 2 years!


Her onc said they are still heading for a cure for her and he feels conifident they will achieve it.


FOr those who missed, she was diagnosed stage 3C with mets to peritoneum and liver, also major bowel obstruction caused by ovarian tumor and frozen pelvis due to cancerous tissue. She has an emergency stoma which is no longer in use as her bowel is functioning completely normally.


I wanted to share this as sometimes it helps others to hear of successes and to remind you that this can be beaten! And my Mum is looking like shes going to.  Surgery is due mid April and planned Avastin for maintenance there after.


All the best, until next time when i hope I can come on here and say she is in remission!!!

God Bless


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I'm so happy for your family!  Thanks for the update.  It does help to read such results are possible.  Please don't forget that you can come here for support when things are rough, too. 

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Catherine, please give my regards and best wishes to your mum. She is a true fighter and she will beat this dreadful thing.

Keep us all updated on her progress.

Lots of love,




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for your mom and you.  She is proof that we should never give up.  It is hard at times but we must never give up the fight.



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Thank you for sharing the terrific news about your mum.  Her encouraging story shows that nobody, not even our doctors, truly know how much time any of us have.  Your mum is a fighter who never gave up hope!


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Thank you for sharing your story. I helps me.  I just fnshed 18 weeks of chemo and facing my first scan next week. I was diagnosed with Stage 3c also.

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