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Back to work

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Last week of April 2012 I went to my company headquarters in Michigan for training.

I rented a car from Enterprise, drove from Toronto to Detroit, stayed in Crowne Plaza hotel in Auburn Hills, spent the week in meetings and on May 2nd drove back to Toronto. I was feeling so crappy and bloated on my way home, that I drove myself to the hospital ER. After CT scan they diagnosed me with ovarian cancer 3C.


10.5 months later I am going back to work. Same me - minus uterus, minus ovaries, minus hair, plus cancer, plus scars, plus surgical menopause.


Guess what I will be doing on my first day back, Monday, March 11th.

I will be driving from Toronto to Detroit and spending a week in training in my company headquarters. I rented a car from Enterprise, I booked a room at Crowne Plaza Auburn Hills, MI. I will be driving back to Toronto Friday night.

This déjà vu is freaking me out. Dead woman driving.


On the positive note - I am gonna hit "Duty Free" at the border in Port Huron. Brace yourselves Nordstrom, Macy's, Parisien, Lord & Taylor, JCP - I am back!!! 

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Hi Alexandra,

That is so eerie. But oh so happy that you are able to repeat the scene again.

Best of all, some wonderful shopping !! Love those stores.

Enjoy and the very best to you as you return to work.

Huge hugs



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But in a wonderful way.  This trip should be pain and sickness free.  And you are so much wiser than the last trip.  Enjoy!

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scenario but maybe it is the universe's way of showing you that though you were sidetacked for a while, you are back on the road of your life.  "It' tried to stop you but ha ha ha you are back.



By the way, the shopping sounds heavenly!

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I tell you, sometimes it feels like we're in the Twilight Zone!  For sure, this will be a much better trip.  And shop til you drop!!


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Glad to be done
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Freaky for sure but this is life's way of telling you it is time to pick up right where you left off.....  Enjoy your trip and yay for you going back to work....


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It's only 4.5 hr drive one way. I am prepared to park and rest on the side of the road if I have to. That's what I was doing last winter, when I was already sick but did not yet know about cancer. Without my knowledge my friend following me in a different car took this picture of me sleeping in the truck stop on I-75 somewhere between Dayton and Cincinnati and as a joke emailed it to co-workers titled "How Canadians abuse US working visa" or something like that. The rental car was filthy from all the mud between Toronto, Canada and Louisville, KY. It also had Nova Scotia plates, so police kept stopping me simply to look at someone who has more miles on her snowblower than on her car and they talked very-very slowly. Smile

I will be posting about my Michigan adventures when I get back.

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