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Help, scam message via private email

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Joined: Feb 2013

I just received a private email on CSN from mercyjones.

It is a scam wanting help washing $8.3M. 

I wanted to get hold of the lady running the network but I do not remember her name.  Can some one help me.




Ron R

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Joined: Feb 2013

I sent her, GRETA, a private message about this.  I hope they can do something to keep this kind of trash of the network.



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I simply deleted cause I didn't know how to report it!

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Tell them to send the whole 8.3 by UPS to my house !!!



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Joined: Feb 2013

I understand but I think the idea is to get your account numbers and then clean you out.  Not something I can afford.


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But Evidently your message to the Admin did the trick because when I clicked on it.. it said the message was not there!! Thanks for taking the time to track this down and get it off the board :D

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and I was just gonna ask for a loan, always a day late and a dollar short...

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The slime-balls are at it again.  So far today I've flagged 107 spam messages for eradication by the CSN Administrator.  I wish I could get a shot at eradicating the perpetrators!

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Because of this scamming I am no longer participating in CSN.  I have spam anything that will come from them.  A better job should be done to protect the real users.

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Good Morning!

I was glad to see this thread as I recently joined CSN and received two of these messages over the week end.  I have tried to report it via the e-mail "contact" link (I have sent 3 messages) but received no response from the admin/webmaster of this site.  I agree...there should be some way to screen AND those in charge of the site should be on top of it.  I am discouraged as I was just beginning to feel comfortable enough to post on the site, but now wonder if it is 'safe'.

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If you notice this post is about 8 months old.  I have not had any issues since that time...  are you sure it is from this site..?  Even if so, would you let two bogus messages deter you away from all the great info here..?  Not me...


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Yes, I noticed this thread was started a while ago, and yes, I am sure it is from this site--the notifications were here and I used a separate e-mail address that I only use for this site and SP message board.  I found the "profiles" of the senders here as well, so they must be registered (fake!) members.  You are right...the information here is great!

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Skagway Jack
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I was sent a personal private message several days ago attempting to solicit a benefiicary for 8.3 million.  I sent the entire message to the administrators.  I have not heard anything back, but this confirms there were a number of these.  I went to the contact CSN link at the top of the page to send notice. and deleted the offending email.

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I got an email today from Greta Greer, asking me to participate in an evaluation of CSN.  Says I will be receiving an email explaining it  better in a couple of days.  Spam or real?

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I have only joined about a week ago and already received 3 of them!

I also received an email from Greta regarding the survey. But my emails for the scam just came to my email as a notification of mail in my CSN account. The email from Greta was directly to my email account.


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I, too, received the email from Greta about the survey directly in my email account and not in CSN account.

And...I just checked and the names/profiles  of the two individuals I received the spam messages from are no longer in the member directory. (Their profiles were pretty obviously bogus.) I hope that means that someone checked them out and kicked them out!!  Wouldn't it be nice if we could kick cancer out that easily!!! 

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....reported the first one, but never got a response from CSN.   I blocked the user.

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Texas Wedge and Fox are out there.  Hoo-Ray.


And along the line of warning people.  My computer supply store gave me info on a new Malware, and it has been verified.

It's delivered on an executable file hidden in an attachment that looks like and ordinary ZIP or PDF.

It can encrypt your files and holds them for ransom.  They will sell you the decryption key if you pay them their demand...$300 USD or 300 Euro.

Sometimes the decryption key works, sometimes not, and some people are just out their $$$.

A good anti-virus software can remove the CryptoLocker malware but it cannot undo the damage.

Backup and store your date or files on a separate and retrievable drive. The cloud is not always recommended

I hope someone catches this evil bas....



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I just received a private spam message from Helen14.

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There is more than one bad guy or gal out there. I have already had my email hacked and used to sell Canadian drugs.

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