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Psa up

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Went to VA hospital for psa and its 0.8 today

Back in February it was 0.6

Zytiga maybe worn out? Still okay in MDACC eyes.

Last month in CT scan showed new tumor?

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I am sorry that the result did not come as you expected.

You may be apprehensive but this is not the first time you see it going up and, for whatever reason see it going down again. I know that our biorhythm influences it a bit which leads to different results in different days of the month.

In any case, the PSA of a patient with apparent metastases will have tendencies for increasing and the effect is judged at must higher barrier trades of 2 than your present levels.
The team at MDACC got their threshold of judgement for cases similar to yours. Let them worry if any.

In my lay opinion the important aspect of your follow up is the control on lipids. How are the other systems “functioning”?

Just listen carefully to yourself; you may feel something unusual, different from a previous period.

Are you experiencing any symptom?

Best regards.


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Posts: 359
Joined: Feb 2012

Thanks VGama, your right it could go back down and the symptoms as MDACC said are a part of the Zytiga. Live with it.

With other problems I'm having with Agent Orange, It's hard to determine what is going on.

I'm fine!




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