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recurring melanoma in left side of face and sinus

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Hi yes Im scared , second time first was melanoma stu on left nostril had a flap done ,they thought it was gone came back  worse, recurring melanoma, now another surgery on my face then radiation . anybody out their going through the same thing??

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I'm going through it for the 3rd time, I was in the army the first 2 times I was diagnosed. I was treated at Vanderbilt the second time when they thought they got it all, but even after the flap and the sentinel lymph node biopsy(which all came back clear) it still came back. Last summer after I was medically discharged from the army I had a knot form under one of the lymph node scars, luckily I caught it in time and that lymph node wasn't there, so it just metastasized there and didn't get a chance to spread. I had surgery to remove the mass and well anything the surgeon felt necessary, which I was perfectly ok with. I had some complications from the surgery but nothing I can't live with. The worst part so far has been the radiation, it has effected my throat more than anyone ever suggested, I had 33 sessions at 20 mins each time. Roughly 10-15 treatments in my throat became so "burnt" that I could barely drink anything(including water) let alone eat anything, up until a couple weeks ago I had only been able to get jello down since before Christmas, silver lining I lost over 60 much needed pounds. Not everyone has that luxury I know so ask your radiation therapist about a peg or feeding tube, they didn't offer me one, they said I was young enough(34) that didn't figure I would need it. The radiation will burn your skin, inside and out, any hair that the beams touch will most likely fall out I lost my "duck dynasty" style beard ans I have a perfect 1in line around the back of my head through my hair. You may not experience anything like this, I hope you don't but know that it can, but most of the effects should go away, I'm 6 weeks since my last treatment and everyday is different, one day good, the next day maybe not so good, but I have been getting better overall. I'm getting ready to start interferon treatment which is a year long treatment, and the first month is supposed to be pretty rough, IV meds 5days a week, which it artificially boosts your immune to ridiculous levels in order for the body to kill any melanoma cells on its own. They told me it will feel like the worst case of the flu x10 for a month. Not looking forward to it but whatever works. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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