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Husband with prostate cancer

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Hi:  My husband is the cancer survivor.  Pretty much still in denial - so this is why I'm writing.  I need some advice.  He is 59.  Diagnosed last year:  PSA 6.6, Gleason score was 7 (3+4), biopsy 7 out of 12 positive for cancer.  Underwent Robotic Surgery 8 months ago with two positive margins near apex; seminal vesicles - left and right both negative.  He did not do lymph node biopsy as pre-surgery CT scan was negative for lymph node invasion and lymph nodes appeared negative.   Due to having two positive margins, we went ahead with adjuvant radiation therapy three months after his surgery.  His postop PSA (at 3 months) was 0.1 and again at 6 months was the same 0.1 (two months after completion of radiation).  So, my question is should he be seeing an Oncologist at this point?  Probably too soon to start any other treatment.  He feels great.  Very minimal side effects from both surgery and radiation.  Thanks for all your replies.  

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